The song that I’m listening to currently says ‘Smiling is Easy’. It is the title track of the new film ‘Dil Jo Bhi Kahe’. The song has a nice western feel to it and the beats are excellent. Shankar Ehsaan Loy have got another winner:-) Do listen to it.

Since on that topic, smiling was indeed easy yesterday.

Sania: Magnificent Mirza, Smashing Sania. She is making us proud as every tournament goes by. For a change the newspapers had her win covered before our beloved Indian Cricket Team. She is surely making everyone sit up and take notice of her.
And she is only 18. This little lady is on her way to stardom (If she already isn’t one!!).

Steady Kaif: Solid innings, gritty one, a stark contrast to his previous and something he and his team will be proud of. Stellar performance from the young man.

Shane Bond: Why am I including him? His absence was surely responsible for our easy win.

P.S:I saw the highlights and Ganguly was disappointing again. Why does he go for the hook shot? Somebody please answer me. He gets into the most awkward position. Why can’t he resist the temptation, especially at a time where he needs to get a good innings against his name? That shot took away my smile for a moment!