She was finally with her parents. Away from the constant bickering at work & home. The uncompromising boss, the jealous colleagues, the insensitive friends, the demanding in-laws. The constant pressure to obey orders and please everyone. The daily struggle and strife. She was unable to face this anymore. She was feeling the pressure of letting her father down. She had tried hard.

Finally, with much deliberation she submitted her resignation. He was reluctant to accept it, but he knew he had no choice. She insisted she wanted to be with her parents. She was now at peace.

Her beloved, was sitting beside her coffin, wondering why God had accepted her resignation.
P.S: Inspired by this, but being a first attempt could not contain at 55. I still tried:-)


Couple O’ Questions


Dada’s Drivel


  1. Minal

    @Bharath: No harm trying something different right:-)

  2. Bharath

    I’d prefer you write about cricket. 🙂

    This one is too much to bear. Simply too much.

    Nicely done though.

  3. Minal

    Then you should visit:

    She is the GOD of all short stories:-)

    Nice of you to drop by:-)

  4. Deez

    wow….i love these short stories

  5. Minal

    @Leela: I can’t even think of matching Ammani. She is GOD when it comes to QTs! Oh the topics she touches nad twists she pulls out!

    @Truman & Sunil: Thanks folks:-)

  6. Sunil

    Very nice Minal…….little touching, and sad too!

  7. Truman

    🙂 nice one. Liked it. In a way, its touching too.

  8. Leela

    Oops oops oops!

    I thought you were referring to Ammani’s quick tales. Didn’t realise this was the ’55 words’ meme.

  9. Leela

    She’s a whiz at it. But not bad, keep going…

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