Media Analysis of Tendulkar’s Talk…

Sachin Tendulkar shared his views with the Indian media today. He was asked about his views on the current Ganguly-Chappell Saga. The question was,”Should the news have got out of the dressing room? Here is what Sachin had to say, “Whatever happens in the dressing room is among the players and should never be leaked out”
Here are the conclusions drawn:

  • Sachin has clearly hinted his displeasure at Ganguly’s behaviour
  • Sachin is not on Ganguly’s side
  • Clearly, there is trouble brewing between the two.

I’m impressed with our TV channels and their analysis. How smart and intelligent they are! We should give them a huge applause!

Do we not have enough controversies already, that you need to add more spice to the existing ones?
Most of us must have attempted the GRE/GMAT/ CAT/MBA exams. In the English Verbal section we had a series of data sufficiency questions. There were two statements followed by a third. We had to answer, if statement 3 could be concluded based on the given data in the first two statements.
We had 4 options which said:

  • Statement 1 suffices
  • Statement 2 suffices
  • Both statement 1 and 2 are required
  • Neither statement 1 nor 2 suffice

Apparently our media has forgotten that the 4th option still exists!

Tendulkar is definitely used to this by now, or else he is ruing the fact that he opened his mouth! I hope now, that we, the common folk, will stop blaming him for keeping quiet.


Give a Thought-3 ?


Isn’t It Ironic?


  1. Minal

    @ Ketan: Thanks for the nice words:-)

  2. Anonymous

    You are proving my conception wrong that “Girls cant rock, Girls dont know cricket”. Keep up the good work

  3. Minal

    @Weasley: Well said dear, and spot on!

  4. Weasley Speaks

    When Gavaskar kept mum, people said he was indifferent to Indian cricket. When he spoke,people said he has his own interests in mind.
    Media here exists not to convey facts but for interpretation. And I must appreciate their imagination.
    If they can make an issue of somebody falling down (remember our President and Prime Minister), they can do anything.
    I wouldn’t be surprised, if a couple of years down the line, Sachin says, “I..” and the media fills in the rest.

  5. Minal

    @Truman: Sigh! The depths one will sink, to garner viewership. Sometimes these news channels and the anchors make far better entertainers than the soap operas/sitcoms that run on TV!

  6. Truman

    I dont know, I reckon the only solution seems for the players is not talk to the press but that is easier said than done.

    >>”Apparently our media has forgotten that the 4th option still exists!”

    Maybe not. Why would they? They want to arrive at conclusions that add fuel to the fire. That would make sure people are hooked to these channels for more.

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