Isn’t It Ironic?


Kasto Maza from Parineeta; when traveling in the crowded Mumbai Trains and taking a peek at the surroundings (They comprise of garbage, filth and slums, no scenery there)

The Heat is On; when traveling in the B.E.S.T. Bus along the western express highway and it is pouring cats and dogs!


  1. Truman says:

    update, update 🙂

  2. Sakshi says:

    I like the video of the song too…very simple and very different. You knw my lines from the song is…

    ‘meeting the man of ur dreams,
    then meeting his beautiful wife..
    isn’t it ironic..’

    wow….amazing cult song indeed.

  3. Minal says:

    Hey Sakshi,
    I really like that song. It’s one of those you would call a “cult song”:-)

  4. Sakshi says:

    guess what ?? me listenin to ‘ironic’ by alanis morsitte.

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