The Maestro is Back with a Bang and The Wall stands Tall…

There are times when I have absolutely hated being away from the television set and the stadium. Yesterday was one of those times. Call me selfish, but I have also hated the fact when other grounds in India have witnessed some mind-blowing performances compared to Wankhede. Well nothing compares to watching a match live at… Continue reading »


Anyone Seen a Gents’ Local?

The Mumbai WR Local trains have three Ladies’ Special trains running during the peak hours.One in the morning: Virar-Churchgate and two in the evening: Churchgate-Borivali and Churchgate–Virar. Yesterday, due to some hold up the trains were delayed by half hour and needless to say, it added up to enough confusion, chaos and rush at all… Continue reading »


A Little Bit of Help…

You can’t always be there for everyone every time. You can’t always lend a helping hand physically, but there are small ways in which you can help. Little contributions go a long way in building strong foundations. This is one of the small things we can do. Desipundit has called for Blog Quake Day on… Continue reading »


An Awaited Autobiography…

This must be an awaited event for most cricket fans. Though one cannot compare it to the Harry Potter wait; I think those young readers there outclass us cricket freaks. Nevertheless, people who have been loyal fans of him cannot wait any longer to get their hands on his creation. Having known a Tugga fan… Continue reading »


Give a Thought-4 ?

Don’t be irreplaceable – if you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted. The meek shall inherit the earth – They are too weak too refuse. He who laughs last does not get the gist of the joke. People who live in glass houses shouldn’t. I’ve been told a hundred million times not to exaggerate.


The B.E.S.T. of Mumbai…

It is one of the lifelines of Mumbai. The B.E.S.T. network is highly efficient and connects almost all the remote places in Mumbai. If you have lived in Worli or any South Mumbai places that are disconnected from the local train network, all 25 years of your life, only then can you fight for the… Continue reading »


The World of Indian Cricket Today…

One of the best symbolic representations I have come across. Telegraph hits the bulls-eye. The picture speaks for itself, need we say more? We have all heard and said enough. Dravid gets the thorny crown once again. I wish the selectors & the board would show some faith in him and give him a longer… Continue reading »


Dance With Me…

When I saw the promos and the concept I wasn’t really kicked about viewing this show. In fact, with an overdose of reality shows who really cared about celebrities dancing? No real career dreams to chase, no points to gain, and nothing to prove. Apparently the producers must have had something in mind to go… Continue reading »


Uthappa Uprising…

How long has it been since one has seen an Indian opening batsmen hit out the way Jayasurya did time and again, Sachin went blasting the world over, Gilchrist ruined opening bowler’s figures, Shahid Afridi gave the opponent bowlers some serious nightmares. India is not known for its opening bats. You won’t find many who… Continue reading »


Domestic Dilemma…

The first match of the Challenger series in Mohali provided the action that was missing from the ICC Super Series. Always love a good fight, always. Nothing makes the sport more interesting than a valiant fight back. The result then takes a backseat and often the quote by Grantland Rice For when the One Great… Continue reading »

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