An Awaited Autobiography…

This must be an awaited event for most cricket fans. Though one cannot compare it to the Harry Potter wait; I think those young readers there outclass us cricket freaks. Nevertheless, people who have been loyal fans of him cannot wait any longer to get their hands on his creation.

Having known a Tugga fan (Tugga is Steve Waugh’s nick name, it comes from Tug of War – Tugga Waugh ) for more than 7 years now, I was not surprised when he did this. He has got a fact about me wrong, but for the love of cricket and admiration for this man, I know I’ll pocket that book sooner than later.

Here is another Steve Waugh fan I came to know through blogging, and her idea for a birthday gift is just what I thought she would want!

My first Diwali after marriage is round the corner and my dear sister has been asking me what I would like? I’m glad I waited, I can now ask for the appropriate gift:-)

Hmmmm, I think she will disagree like others in my family would 🙁

Ok Tugga, I won’t be a miser; I’ll go indulge and splurge. As usual, apart from my husband, my entire family will think I’m nuts to spend my money on it. Mumma will be in disbelief but I think by now she has begun to understand 🙂


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A Little Bit of Help…


  1. Mangesh

    hahaha.. cmon guys, i thought that was funny! And saurabh is a weasel.. anyways, i still love him! 🙂

    Anyways, so whats the real name of the book!! Ill keep calling it that otherwise.

  2. Minal

    @Mangi: I agree with Tugga this time. Don’t tamper with Waugh’s name and book, don’t you know Saurabh by now?

  3. Tugga

    @Mangesh: That was in real poor taste:-(

  4. Mangesh

    Whats the name of the book??? “Waughtobiography” 🙂

    Ok im sorry, thats the saurabh-joke effect!!!

  5. Minal

    @Bhaskar: I have not yet checked. I saw it available online.

  6. Bhaskar Tatke

    Hey Minal…
    Is the book out in the bookstores here in Mumbai….Where????

    Please tell..I am planning to buy one as well.

  7. Minal

    @Sunil: I sure will but that will take some time, so you got to wait a bit:-)

    @Mary: Agreed whole heartedly:-)

  8. Mary

    🙂 It’s not nuts to spend your money on it.. lol! non-cricket fans just don’t understand! I’m sure it’s going to be a wonderful book.

  9. Sunil

    hope to see a review on it soon…

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