Anyone Seen a Gents’ Local?

The Mumbai WR Local trains have three Ladies’ Special trains running during the peak hours.
One in the morning: Virar-Churchgate and two in the evening: Churchgate-Borivali and Churchgate–Virar.

Yesterday, due to some hold up the trains were delayed by half hour and needless to say, it added up to enough confusion, chaos and rush at all stations. I was waiting for my husband at the Borivali station at 7.30 p.m. and I heard an announcement; an announcement that has been never heard before on any railway station in Mumbai. To make sure my ears were correct in hearing what they did, I removed my ear phones and listened carefully again.

The railway announcer had just announced the introduction of a ‘special’ train. Before the 7.19 p.m. Ladies’s Special to Virar at Borivali, there is another slow train to Virar at 7.15 p.m. So the announcer made the announcement as follows: ‘The Ladies special is expected at Borivali in ten minutes. Before that there will be a ‘Gents’ Slow Local’ to Virar.’ No, not the regular local but a Gents’ Local. He made this announcement not once, twice, but 4 times!

I just could not stop grinning:-) Later he might have realised his slip of tongue; but to all those men who crib about females getting special treatment; here were your two minutes of being treated as special as well!


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  1. Minal

    @Ashish: I love that line from Calvin, honestly I simply love that duo for their amazing insights:-)
    Thanks and hope to see u come back again:-)

  2. Ashish Gupta

    pssttt #-o

    “Leave it to a girl, to take all the fun out of sex discrimination.”

    Ps: came thru’ ur recipe blog. Loved both blogs 🙂

  3. Minal

    @Slogan Murugan: I know abt that train and honestly there is no point having a ladies special at that time since it’s not in the peak hour. Railways are oding the sensible thing by making it into a general local.

    @Pyxie Queen: You got a point, I never thought about that:-)

  4. Pyxie Queen

    Hey there.. lol, I love this, girl! Seriously, let all the men get their own train, maybe our trains will then at least smell better!!!


  5. SloganMurugan

    There is another ladies special. A 10.53 from Borivli going south to CCG. It is in the news right now because the same is being made into a general rake from Nov 1st. Yesterday there was a dharna by women at Borivli opposing the decision.

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