All above values we aspire to have. Very very few people manage to stand by them in real life. Extremely few, cause in this country more often than not the reward for possessing these is ….DEATH.
Read the news on Gaurav’s Blog. After Satyendra Dubey’s case one hoped the country would open itself to the corruption that lies within and try to eradicate it , sadly it has not and sadly it has consumed another honest person. What will be done about it? Nothing…

When students pursue IIT-IIMs, Engineering-MBA degrees, it’s truly in search of greener pastures. The colour green becomes extremely important. Once you enter the institutes, 50% of the lot is driven by money and lack the above values; stating that they don’t really help you in life. Having been part of the MBA-Engineering clan, trust me it’s tough to find people driven by them, honestly it is.

Then why is it that some of us believe in them, why are some of us still willing to sacrifice lives in a hope that the things and ways of life will change?

I did not know Manjunath. I’m too shocked to say anything. I know a couple of colleagues who knew him and I don’t know how to react.

Here is a guy, who having acquired the best of the education in India, could have opted for a job abroad or any MNCs in India in a cool AC office. Yet he chose to go into a PSU. Despite politics and corruption around he had the courage to stand by his values, defied corrupt petrol pump owners, was honest to his officials, had the courage to speak the truth , the determination and guts to stand by his decision, and trusted his integrity. What did he receive in appreciation for this? Death as a reward!

I do hope his sacrifice is not forgotten. For me he is a hero. He really his. May his soul rest in peace. I know our words of condolences will not help reduce the pain of his family, but all I want to say is he will be remembered as a martyr for fighting this cruel corrupt system, very few of us manage that today!

And on another note, all government officials and politicians crib about the so called brain-drain in Indian PSUs and Civil Services. IIM-IIT, Top MBA-Engg. grads opting out of joining these services in search of greener pastures.

But when the few honest ones like Satyendra Dubey and Manju do opt for them in the process to ensure a change, what are they rewarded for their honesty? Death? Is that a motivation for people to step in? If government or their employer can’t ensure their protection for being honest and no justice is served to the injustice done to them how do they expect anyone of the future generation to step in?

There is so much to think about…….
Update: Telegraph carries the story here