Gift for a Record…

He gets his record breaking ton and two days later, I celebrate it when hubby dearest gifts me this.
It is more of a photo album than a book. Very less script and huge pictures citing his every step in international cricket. If you are his fan you can add this for your collection.
As there is hardly anything to read; gulped it down in less than an hour and intend to relish every picture, every moment henceforth at ease.


  1. Minal says:

    @Tugga: LOl:-) And you all think you would have lived gifting me those;-)

  2. Tugga says:

    Yup, Amit knows you really well, as against your friends, who would have bought you a Mills and Boon novel instead……

  3. Minal says:

    @…: Could not watch the live telecast but caught the higlights. Right now I’m just waiting for the much awaited treat I’m due to get from hubby for predicting the proceedings of the match on 4th and 5th day:-)

  4. ... says:

    Just came across your blog. Pretty cool! So, did you watch the match yesterday?

  5. Minal says:

    @Mary: I swear they are and yes that husband of mine knows me really really well:-)

  6. Mary says:

    Minal – your husband sure knows what to get you! 🙂

    It sure is a lovely book.. aren’t the photos just awesome?

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