There are very few actors whose performances touch your heart and remain in memory forever. Sudhir Joshi was one such actor. Compared to Marathi films, Marathi Theatre is extremely rich and produces some fine plays every year. The actors therefore have the platform to explore their talents. To add to it, Zee TV by beginning the Marathi regional channel (a few years back) brought home a whole lot of new talented actors and the old veterans as well.

Sudhir Joshi played all sorts of roles in films and theatres. The cunning villain, the comedy uncle, the stern father/grandapa. He acted in Hindi films as well as serials. The one performance that will stay on in my mind forever is his portrayal of Grandfather in the serial Prapancha’ on then Zee-Alpha now Zee-Marathi; the ever-understanding father, the best friend to his grand-children, the caring patriarch. Years after the serial is over his performance still lingers in the mind.

The one play I badly wanted to see and will now never see him perform was ‘I am not Bajirao’. Along with Boman Irani he received rave reviews for his performance and the play was top-notch. He played the quintessential funny uncle in most marathi films to perfection and along with Lakshmikant Berde, Sachin, Ashok Saraf, Prashant Damle (all noted marathi actors) produced a laughing riot.

We as humans are always greedy. You don’t want the good things to end and hope that things will be as is. Fans must have hoped that he gives endless notable performances for them to savour. He could have for a few years more, but God decided otherwise. He left for the heavenly abode a little too early. He will be sorely missed. It’s a tremendous loss for the Marathi Theatre, Television and Film Industry.

May his soul rest in peace…