Can You Call My Bluff?

I’m not so sure you would. And that is the USP of the film “Bluff Master”. Some tricks a little too easy and some extremely well executed. There is one guarantee though, you will not feel cheated at the end of three hours. It is a thoroughly enjoyable affair unlike the review it got from the Times of India. I’m really surprised! Every stupid Shahrukh movie gets atleast three star-rating but the others receive two-stars despite being interesting? HT on the other hand gives it a nice review and yes I agree with the latter.

I’m not going to delve into the story much; by now everyone has a fair idea what it is all about. As always I’ll speak about the few things that I enjoyed about this movie. First aspect, the film carries an extremely slick look. The editing and cinematography is top-notch. I can’t recollect the last time Mumbai was shot so beautifully. The Gateway, the Fort area, the Navjivan building at Mumbai-Central, the view from Abhishek’s house; Mumbai has never looked so appealing. Abhishek’s house is also very contemporary. I simply could not get over the plasma placed in his gallery with a pink sofa; and the view of the Mahalaxmi race course behind. That was the best part of his house!

Ritesh Deshmukh impresses as the filmy geek and learning to be a con artist. He has some of the best comic lines and he does full justice to them. References to Ba and Komolika of the K-serials and the senior citizen and chavan prash lines he cracks to Boman Irani. He creates a laugh riot when he goes on his shopping spree along with Abhishek and later in the inane hospital scene; where Boman, Ritesh and Abhishek are all over each other.

Boman Irani over acts at times, but I’m such a huge fan of this person that I shall overlook that aspect. Nana Patekar is simply himself. On his entry, when he is worshipping himself in the mirror, when he sets up Abhishek-Ritesh, when he gets conned by the two, when he seeks his revenge and finally in the last scene. He is super-duper and this time he doesn’t get onto your nerves!

The guys playing Jassi and Omar do justice as well. Do I need to mention Priyanka? Well she does what she has been asked too. Look good, flaunt her figure and smile and cry! She is strictly ok. I don’t think there has been much difference by replacing Aishwarya with her. Fortunately her smile is not as plastic!

I loved the remixed old hindi songs used in the background at various scenes. They were so aptly put. I also liked the way the characters were introduced in the Kodak snapshot. It went well with the whole look of the film. The soundtrack is awesome. ‘Right here Right now’ is the ace of the pack; but you will find yourself swinging to the rest of the tracks as well. It is a must buy.

Am I missing something? Hmmm the star of the show. Abhishek Bachchan. What can I say?
I have been a fan of his since his debut and so forgive me for being a little partial now. He is getting better and better as every film goes by. He is looking extremely confident of himself. His dancing is improving, he rocks the engagement song. Only he seems to carry off those flowery shirts in suits. When he shuts up Ritesh either with his stinging taunts or slaps; there is élan and there is style. I won’t be surprised if he is in the running for the MTV Style Icon next year. He is super-duper hot in this film.
As the ultimate con man Abhishek pulls of his con on us once again or does he? 😉

I had a blast watching the movie, I think it’s worth a watch atleast once, though I would not mind going again. A comic and fun-film is welcome any day compared to the drab that is dished out 90% of the times! Full credit to Rohan Sippy the director and the scriptwriter Shridhar.

Go watch it…

  • I saw two extremely contrasting trailors: Rang De Basanti and Dosti. Rang De Basanti looks like the movie to watch out for next year. Dosti is one movie you would not want to waste your money on!
  • Can someone explain why Sanjay Dutt and Aishwarya Rai were given Special Thanks?


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  1. Minal

    @Dinesh: TOI reviews suck!

    @Anon: Total paisa vassol:-)

    @Kanul: Aby Baby rocks doesn’t he? Roy’s house was awesome!

  2. Kanul

    If there is anyone who can beat the Big B, it is Aby Baby…went bananas after ‘Dus Bahane’, and now ‘Ek mein aur ek tu’ is the ringtone on my cell. My last, dying wish is to have a house like Roy does.

  3. Anonymous

    hi came from adityas blog…well the movie is good its kind of paisa vasool stuff it does what its supposed to do..entertain. stop going y toi reviews its always biased..i stopped reading it since the day they gave a 5 star rating to Hum Aapke Hai Kaun ..


  4. Dinesh

    Looks like a good moive to watch.Thanks for the review. Even I aint a fan of TOI reviews.

  5. Minal

    @Bunty:Hmmmmm,everyone entitled to their opinion:-)I was looking for a good weekend timepass and it was much superior to most of the crap that gets dished out and is declared a hit. Atleast I had a good laugh:-)

  6. Bunty

    Bluffmaster is a trashy movie apart from a few Nana Patekar moments. Too much sentimental strokes filled into a movie which supposedly should be comic in nature. The climax was rather unexpected, but I guess there wasn’t any other way for the movie to end..was it? “Everyone goes home happy”. Comedy is an art that builds on a good script unlike typical hindi-masala movies that do away with the concept of good script. Ritesh Deshmukh was ordinary to say the least. Boman Irani overdid it most of the times. Abhishek wasnt able to focus what he wanted to do? Be a bluff-master or a heart-broken, sentimental lover. Nana Patekar came at the fag end of the movie, but stole the show. Great one liners in his typical accent. Overall the movie was not worth the money and the hype.

  7. Minal

    @Poonam: Isn’t Mumbai awesome:-) It’s complete entertainment

    @Anon: I was right baout the Ash aprt then;-)Thanks on the Sanjay Dutt trivia:-)

    @Tugga: And wht the hell is your problem if I don’t like Ash?

  8. Tugga

    What the hell dyu have against Ash anyway?

  9. Anonymous

    well sanjay dutt was thanked because he was suppoed to do abhishek’s role while junir bachchan was to do deshmukh’s role. He finally recommended Deshmukh. Also Aishwarya was thanked because she was suppoed to do priyanka’s role and was dropped rather unceremoniously…in fact she came to know about it only when a journalist called her up for her reaction…so there 🙂

  10. Poonam

    I agree Minal.. Bluffmaster is awesome! I was pleasantly surprised with the movie 🙂 Watched it first day first show here 😉 and yes, one of the many things I liked… Seeing Mumbai and not some foreign location all throughout.. made me sooo nostalgic!

  11. Minal

    @Kunsjoi: I’ve read the reviews and yes seems a must-buy. Plan to buy both soundtracks..Bluff-master and Rang De Basanti:-)

  12. Ferocious Killer Kat

    you should check out rang de basanti music .. pretty good! specifically checkout the song Paathshaala..

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