‘The Ashes’ have a history and this year England and Australia brought it alive. But the India-Pak rivalry surpasses all. For whatever reason if a person tells me he does not enjoy the bitter rivalry between the two sides, I’ll be damned!

I love to see the die-for attitude rather than ‘healthy rivalry’. Come on, you will take away all the excitement!

The excitement begins 14th Jan, 2005 and here is what India’s coach had to say about the upcoming much-awaited Pakistan tour:

‘We have a tour of Pakistan coming up. In terms of the number of people following it, think of an Ashes series and multiply it by 100. It’s huge.’

He has a good idea about the importance of this series. Will we repeat a 2004 or will the Pakis thrash us as they thrashed England.

We can only wait and watch…