The Much Awaited Rivalry

‘The Ashes’ have a history and this year England and Australia brought it alive. But the India-Pak rivalry surpasses all. For whatever reason if a person tells me he does not enjoy the bitter rivalry between the two sides, I’ll be damned!

I love to see the die-for attitude rather than ‘healthy rivalry’. Come on, you will take away all the excitement!

The excitement begins 14th Jan, 2005 and here is what India’s coach had to say about the upcoming much-awaited Pakistan tour:

‘We have a tour of Pakistan coming up. In terms of the number of people following it, think of an Ashes series and multiply it by 100. It’s huge.’

He has a good idea about the importance of this series. Will we repeat a 2004 or will the Pakis thrash us as they thrashed England.

We can only wait and watch…


Kumble’s 100 is a memorable one…


Happy Birthday Mumma


  1. Minal

    @Truman: You bet, we were riding high after the awesome tour down under, but this time it will be no doubt more tough!

    @Tugga: You Aussie fanatic:)I ahve nothing more to add!!!
    England did not know what it is like to win in the last 16 years! Ashes was almost dead wasn’t it:-)

  2. Tugga

    India-Pak a bigger rivalry than the Ashes? That’s a myth, an upshot of the overdose of ODIs on the subcontinent, along with the legend of Javed, and the call for jehad.. Take your mind back to all the tests played between India and Pak, and barring the last two series, you’ll find, that this so called great rivalry has choked the life out of the tests with both teams too scared to play for win. In contrast barring the last 16 years, theer has always been an edge to the Aus-Eng rivalry; although England’s incompetence in the last 16 years hs taken a bit of the edge off it. Also something that proves my point is the complete lack of crowd involvement in the test series in Pak, where even a grossly incompetent English side has always atracted crowds both in England and in Australia

  3. Truman

    The last time around when we went there to Pakistan, it was a different side. Now they have just beaten England and beaten them comprehensively. One thing is for sure, we need the big guns to fire in this series. Not like when we played SL and where test matches were won because of the lower order battling it out most of the times. 🙂

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