Desert Safari in Pictures

Destiantion Point for deflating the tiers before we commenced our wild ride!
The Barren Desert

The race begins

All the paths look the same

People flocking to see the camel, sorry just got the hump!

Other land cruisers trying to catch up with ours

The lovely sun about to be set. The sight was beautiful


  1. rhinoceros says:

    Kay, done. Cheers

  2. Mangesh says:

    Hi Roopa.. HAPPY NEW YEAR! 🙂 Cya soon!

  3. Minal says:

    @Roopa: I had an awesome time:-)
    Thanks for the wishes and wishing you the same as well

  4. Anonymous says:

    Minu,glad that u had a great time,the pics are good,May Amit and you have a wonderful year ahead.


  5. Minal says:

    @Mangi: I know I suck at them;-) ?You idiot we were in the car when Itook those pics what you expect me to come out during the roller-coaster ride!

  6. Mangesh says:

    Minal.. u suck at photography!!!!! All the people r standing in front taking pics of the camel, u seem to be standing about 50 feet behind them!

    And why are most of the pics through the car window??? Post some better pics! How about the one with you and Amit in arab costumes??? 😀

  7. Minal says:

    @Rhinoceros: It’s the sun going down. Just glanced through your blog. You can put up the picture as long as I get the credit;-)
    And yes I’ll try to contribute some more interesting snaps from previous trips as well.You will be the better judge:-)

  8. rhinoceros says:

    Like your photo’s, really cool.

    Especially that last one of the sun going down (or up.)

    Would love to have it on my blog, if your willing to be a guest contributor?


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