Punter Packs a Punch

Now that’s how you answer your critics! Having faced severe criticism for the Ashes loss, Ponting hit back with a bang. WIs were an easy target but it’s no mean feat to repeat 2 centuries in both the innings of a match in space of 6 matches. To be the first ever cricketer in history to achieve the feat in his 100th test does call for some special celebrations!

I’m not sure what I should make of Graeme Smith’s decision to declare since I did not see the match. Going all out is great but SA did have a chance to speed up the runs and set a better target; unfortunately they goofed it up a bit. He does make for a gutsy captain though having asked Aus to chase 287 in 76 overs at a run-rate of 3.77. That is tempting enough!

Considering the form they have been in off late; they must have felt it was an achievable target. After all the Aussie spirit does not believe in drawing a match even if you are already leading the series. They love taking risks and going all out; that has always been the difference between them and the other teams.

This will be Ponting’s match. What a captain’s innings he has played! He is already in the Top-10 leading test runs scorers of all times, the third Australian batsman behind Bradman and Steve Waugh for highest number of test centuries, and among the current playing ones behind Sachin who has 35 and Lara who has 31. The contest is gaining some momentum with the kind of form Lara and Ponting are in. 2006 should make up for some interesting chases. Sachin are you watching:-)

As for Ponting when he looks back at his career, he will be a fairly satisfied man, apart the one huge regret of being the first Australian captain to surrender the Ashes in 16 years. Sigh! Nothing and no one is perfect; life as they say is not always fair. But as of now enjoy the moment for Punter!


  1. Let the action begin… says:

    […] Watson is in good nick, Hussey and Katich can be real sticky when they get back in form and how can you run down someone like Ponting and Clarke? Ponting is the worst to fear right now – he is down and beaten, people are calling for his neck and I don’t think he wants his name in the record books along the Aus captains who have lost the Ashes thrice. The only way he can pull back is by batting well and he is pretty good at that. Remember his 100th test Vs SA after the Ashes loss?  […]

  2. rhinoceros says:

    Boxing Day test, Andrew Symonds walks out to bat. I bet with my firend. “He won’t last 30 Balls.”

    One Golden duck later, and a beer in my hand.

    Anyway, if the ball comes straight at him, like ODI’s, he has no problem,

  3. Mary says:

    Minal.. yes Andy Symonds does look scary(!)

    But my main problem with him is he never seems to get out of 1st gear very often, he seems a bit too laid back.

  4. Minal says:

    @Mary: I’m not a huge fan of him either but you know wht the guy has got stg in him to go down in history as one of the greats!

    And honestly when not against India I’m really proud when any one of the Aussies does well;-)Apart Andrew Symonds. I just don’t like that monster!

  5. Mary says:

    Ricky sure did play well! I’m not a huge fan of him, but after two 100s in the same test.. one word.. awesome! 🙂

  6. Weasley Speaks says:

    Punter carries on the tradition of Waugh. Infact am sure he will be a legend himself and when we tell our grand kids, about captainship, we will tell them to be like him.

  7. Minal says:

    @Truman: Yup lots of people I know love to do that. Hate Punter:-)

    Dungarpur is a nincompoop and I stand by what I say unlike him;-)

    Holidays over! Now back to work and routine life!

  8. Truman says:

    Whatever it may be, I am one of those who loves to hate Punter.

    Oh and off the topic, your “Dungarpur fears” may turn out to be true afterall, check this here. But you know what, I never expected *anything* like this from him.

    Meanwhile more off the topic, Happy Holidays!

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