After a week’s trip to the city of shopping fantasies I have come to the conclusion that even a lifetime won’t be enough to look around each and every shop in Dubai.

Dubai is famous for its malls which are really huge. I was amazed at their size. The smallest of them were huge. Sounds like an antithesis but I hope you get what I mean. To name a few, the ones I could visit were Lamcy Plaza, Burjuman, Avenue, Citi Centre, Gift Village, and my favourite the Ikea Store. I missed out on the ‘Mall of Emirates’- Dubai’s latest attraction. They have built a skiing facility within the mall. You can play in the ice, build a snowman and play with the snowballs. I was there for a short time so the next time around I intend to visit that place first!

The shops in the mall have steep prices and normal people won’t shop there unless there is a Sale. Now in Dubai ‘a sale is a sale’ where you get some awesome deals and which is why the people there wait for the Sale to hit the shops. If you are stinking rich then I don’t think the prices in those Malls would make a difference to you 🙂

Apart from the high-tech Malls, the one place I really liked shopping at, was the Deira Market. Dubai is divided into Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai by the Dubai creek. You can either drive down over the bridges, the under-water tunnel or travel through the Abra– the water taxi. I suggest you take the Abra atleast once. It’s fun even though the ride lasts hardly 5 minutes:-)

The Deira market reminded me of our very own Fashion Street or Linking Road. The bags and the junk jewellery had an awesome variety and the prices were a steal. If you are fond of artificial jewellery (I’m for one) then you must visit this market. It’s crowded and can get to you but one visit is worth the hassle. You must take a local with you so that you can get some good bargains. I went along with my sis-in-law’s friends who have been in Dubai for a decade now and we got some excellent shopping done; be it dress materials, jewellery, purses and glares. I freaked out on the rings available there. There was a clear Arabic influence and though huge, they were a designer’s delight, and made your fingers look even more beautiful.

One item that got me completely hooked on was the Pashmina shawl. Now that is one collection I look forward to increase in number. The material is exquisite, with style and class written all over it. They were available in plain colours with some design as well as a combination of colours with lovely borders. I felt like picking up the entire collection in the shop but then I don’t think my husband would have been too happy about my escapade 😉 And since I needed to buy a lot more I let the idea fade away.

Now it was time to think more about my house and a little less about myself. If you are fond of home appliances, utility items, crockery and items that will make your house look beautiful then Ikea is one store you must visit. The store first amazed me with its size and then with the variety of the items it had. You could set up your entire house after buying things from Ikea itself. I also liked the idea of fix-it yourself furniture.

The variety of taps available for the kitchen sink is something that I’m yet to get over. The one tap that caught my husband and brother-in-law’s fascination was priced at 895 AED and both looked keen on buying it sooner than later. My sister-in-law and I failed to understand how men thought women shop recklessly; now why would you want to spend 895 AED on a tap!! Before they turned positive about it we had them taken away to another section! I’m sure they always hope of doing the same every time we move out to shop, but somehow the will-power of women is much stronger than men when it comes to shopping;-)

I just stayed glued in the lights and candles section. The lamps came in all shapes and sizes and so did the candles! Yes add those two items to my collection list. Though the size of the house will be a restricting factor on the amount of show-lights you can keep I’m not so sure about the candles. I think in the years to come that will grow as well. In all shapes and sizes, in different colours and fragrance, candles have completely taken over my mind. I think it must be hereditary, mum has always had a fascination for candles and used to pick up some lovely ones from the places she visited, I think it’s slowly beginning to show in her daughter as well.

If my legs and stomach hadn’t given away I don’t think I would have moved out of Ikea. I really enjoyed the shopping experience there; shopping for your own house and close people was more fun than shopping for oneself.

It’s only after I began working and earning my own buck that I’ve developed interest in shopping. If something attracts my eyes I pick it up if it is value for money. Obviously anything in excess is always bad and yes I do know how to curb my shopping instincts; but when you are in Dubai for a short time my advice would be to make the most of it. It’s one experience I think you will enjoy if not overdone!