Does He or Does He not?

Harsha asks for Shoaib to undergo a test to see whether he chucks or not. He puts a fair logical reasoning to it. Many a times when one watches him bowl you get the feeling that he could be violating cricket rules, anyway that’s for the ICC to ‘check’ and Pak to accept.

The article makes for some good reading and invites a lot of debates as well.


Does He or Does He not?


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  1. Ketan

    Somebody plz stop him writing columns

  2. rhinoceros

    Being a bowler, I feel that bowling with a bent arm is harder. Once, I tried to bowl while covering the ball with my other hand(Akram style) in the nets. It was hard and I ended straining my side muscle. My friend told me it was a big chuck.

    Fast bowlers gain little advantage in chucking, because the angle of the arm means that any momentum gained from straightening isn’t in the right plane of motion. Try it.

    Spinners, on the other hand, can gain from it (Doosra?). Muttiah went for 99 tonight, so maybe not. 😀

    Go Aussie.

  3. RPM

    What I don’t understand is how can a bowler be cleared of his action? If he is cleared, it does not mean he is not going to go back to old habits. The clearance is over a few days or weeks, but the bowler has been bowling for years!

    And I also think that umpires not calling a no-ball at the time of the chuck is also a farce. Reporting a bowler to ICC is nonsense. What if the chuck got a wicket and the match turned? I don’t think they are going to replay it. Yea, the bowler may be banned for a few games, but the opposing team lost the game because of an invalid ball, right?

    I say, if the umpires feel the bowler chucked, refer it to the third umpire and call it no-ball and move on.

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