Day: February 23, 2006

For My Little ‘Boy Friend’

You just connect with some people instantly. You don’t need long introductions, chats or meetings to develop that special bond. He is one of those special ones for me. I’ve just known him for a little more than a year now and our first meeting hardly lasted 5 minutes. After that it was only over phone that we spoke.

He visited my house a few months back and when he entered, he just flung himself in my arms and gave me a tight hug. The rest of the day was spent listening to his constant chatter. I finally visited his place in Dubai for a week and we had a great time with each other. He constantly hung around with me and showed me all his favourite places.
Every morning he would come near me and try to wake me up quietly and when it was time for him to leave, would place a cute little peck on my cheek and say good bye.

He has endless questions over everything and I really admire his parents for answering each one of them patiently. He loves eating at KFC and his favourite snack there is chicken popcorn. He sings ‘Kajra Re’ to perfection (only after our constant pestering) and dances to it as well along with his tiny friends! His non-stop chatter is something I miss everyday back home.

He is my little energetic bundle of joy, my little “boy friend”. He hasn’t quite yet figured out the meaning of ‘Bayko’( wife in marathi) and thinks that it means something that is his and keeps fighting with his ‘Mama’( his maternal uncle and my husband) saying that I’m his ‘Bayko’.

Dear T, your ‘Minal Mami’ misses you every moment. I’ve never been a great person with kids but somehow you have brought out the best in me. I hope this lovely bond we share will last forever. You seem to be growing up fast.

Here is wishing you a fun-filled birthday and a great year ahead.
May your naughty and innocent antics never stop and keep spreading happiness and joy to all the people around you.

Wisdom @ Work

From one of my favourite blogs, a few words of wisdom to tackle work life:

  • Your hard work will be rewarded. Specifically, your boss’s boss will reward your boss for making you work so hard.
  • Teamwork is what you call it when you trick other people into ignoring their priorities in favor of yours.
  • Preparing a Powerpoint presentation will give you the sweet, sweet illusion of productivity.
  • It is better to be an “expert” than it is to do actual work.
These and lots more pearls of wisdom from the man himself: Scott Adams

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