Give a Thought-10?

  • Exam halls are like toilets; the longer you sit there, the more the crap that comes out
  • The best ideas always seem to come in the loo, Oh shit!
  • Gravity is a myth: Earth sucks!
  • Whoever said money can’t buy everything didn’t know where to shop
  • You can’t have everything;where would you put it?


  1. Sakshi says:

    Cute stuff… 🙂

  2. Minal says:

    @anon and harry: 🙂

  3. harry says:

    agree 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    agree wid all the points 😛

  5. Minal says:

    @Sandeep: Wht is disgusting about the truth;-)
    @Dinesh: 🙂
    @Ghost Particle: 🙂

  6. Ghost Particle says:

    trully funny.

  7. Dinesh says:

    I knew..the Newton fellow was wrong..You just confirmed it for me. 😉

  8. Sandeep says:

    I know this sounds disgusting, but point no: 2 is defintely true! 😛

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