Dreams and Reality…

How often do dreams come true?

How often to they become real?

Ask Gillespie!!!
I spilled my tea all over today’s newspapers when I read this!
Yesterday’s night victory over Pakistan gave me a peaceful sleep and was pleasantly surprised by Rahul Dravid’s aggression. I simply loved his reaction after getting Inzy out!
But Dizzy’s achievement had me in a state of shock!!
However cliche it may sound, such moments are the exact reason why they say ‘Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties’

Boy, I simply love this game!


Awesome: Another Series Win and a World Record!




  1. Minal

    @rishabh_flop_ruler: I want to read Steve waugh’s latest autobiography and then will decide:-) But if you are a cricket fan then one must read Bradman’s Best:-) What say?

    @Sandeep and Truman: There u have my reasons and will be more regular!!

  2. Sandeep

    Looks like your sabbatical period is prolonging…

    Oh! Please … do write again!

  3. Truman

    Why havent you been updating your blog for so long? 🙁

  4. rishabh_flop_ruler

    You are 1 among three people on blogger who mentioned Bradman’s Best in their Favorite books column. I’m impressed, i myself enjoyed the book(one of the best budday gifts I ‘ve received till date), and must’ve read it a dozen times.

  5. Scott Fish

    I really enjoyed reading this post, it’s very much inline with what I talk about over on my blog.
    Let me know what you think… India News – My blogs is at: http://www.india-news.in

    Thanks and I appreciate your comments on my posts as well.

  6. Minal

    @Sandip: I’m so lost in work that seriously have not had the time to seek any inside info. But the guy is bowling well of late, something tells me it’s a little too late! Have you checked out how these new blokes are making their moves in international cricket! Agarkar has a tough job on his hands!

    @Mary: You should be proud lady, not many will beat this Aussie’s record!

  7. Mary

    Minal.. I was in the middle of a chat with someone when I just decided to browse cricinfo.. only to see the headling Australia declare after Gillespie double century !!! I nearly fainted on the spot! I have never in my whole life been so shocked! like you said.. glorious uncertainites! 🙂

  8. Sandip

    Well, we cant win in Mumbai, but at least the Mumbai lads are doing well. Saw Agarkar’s first spell in the 2nd ODI and said “Wow! where’d that come from”. Perhaps you have some inside info… 🙂

  9. Minal

    @Rpm: Well said;-)

  10. RPM

    I have never underestimated Gillespie’s staying power, but mannnnnn, to go on to hit an unbeaten double is something out of the world!

    Not that our boys need it, but it should serve as a good inspiration for the likes of Dhoni, Pathan, etc.

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