I did not intend to take such a long sabbatical without leaving a message on the blog; tremendous workload and a huge change in my life made it impossible for me to update my blog regularly. The unexpected happens to you when you least expect it and that’s exactly what happened. My husband had to move to Dubai for a long term on work and after much contemplation I decided to shift too.

I have moved away:

  • From my mumma, and my family,
  • From my country, from my dear Mumbai city,
  • From the trains and BEST buses and the tiring travel,
  • From the dirt, the pollution and the chaos,
  • From the roadside snacks: vada pav and pani puri,
  • From the late night film shows and the crazy malls,
  • From hours spent long at Barista and the walks down Worli-sea face,
  • From night-outs with friends spent gossiping and dreaming about the future,
  • From family get-togethers and being hounded by hundreds of relatives,
  • From the crowded and chaotic weddings,
  • From daily chai-snacks at the office canteen with friends,
  • From discussing books and movies with friends and the debates and arguments that followed it,
  • From the numerous smiles at home and office that made every day of mine special,
  • From mumma and ma-in-law’s constant advices to do some cooking,
  • From their constant care about me and my health,
  • From the tasty food both cooked for me every day of my life there,
  • From the crazy fun bickering with my dear sis-in-law,
  • From the pampering from my aai and papa,
  • From the amazing love this lovely place and its people had showered on me in all the years I spent there

I never thought I would and I did. The first week here was the worst in my life. I cried and cried missing everything about home, family and my comfort zone. I made my husband feel so awful and I’m really sorry for that. All my cousins and friends went through the same emotions that I did and they really helped me get comfortable in the new place!

Now a new life and experience awaits me here and I plan to make the most of it. I look forward to:

  • Making a good career,
  • Making new friends,
  • Setting up my own house,
  • Owning my kitchen,
  • Doing some great cooking,
  • Driving my car,
  • Enjoying our life,
  • Visiting new places,
  • Shopping a lot in this shopping heaven;-)
  • Taking back loads and loads of great memories when I move back home.

But for now let me settle down and begin to enjoy this new home…

P.S:This blog will be updated more regularly henceforth!