The Prince Bids Adieu

This piece has taken a long time to come. I wanted to pen it down the day he made the announcement; an announcement that did not shock me, but one that made me feel very, very sad. So I decided to hold on and gather my thoughts about this man. He has always left me… Continue reading »


Farewell Dada

So it has happened finally.   Dada bids farewell. The last time the Fab Four were together in a test match. I don’t want to accept it! Watching cricket again is not going to be the same. So for all the statisticians to get to work; how many players began their career with a hundred… Continue reading »


Of Jumbo and the end of my era

Now that is why Anil Kumble is known to be a man of few wordsKumble had his side of the anecdote that Tendulkar shared. “The first paper clipping that I have is of an under-17 match and the top headline says ‘Tendulkar and Kumble score centuries’,” Kumble said. “He scored a century for West Zone… Continue reading »


Almost in history!

Sigh!!! I thought this would be it for him. His moment, his ultimate glory; to start off with a hundred and end in one!Life is not always fair and no one knows that more than Ganguly himself! India should be winning this one for Dada…one last time!


It’s Time to Say Goodbye…

The eyes are still moist and the mind does not want to accept. The images on the news yesterday will not go away for a long time. I’ve not seen my husband so upset. I’m even more surprised at myself, practical and objective always, I had a tear in my eye when I saw him… Continue reading »