Now that is why Anil Kumble is known to be a man of few words

Kumble had his side of the anecdote that Tendulkar shared. “The first paper clipping that I have is of an under-17 match and the top headline says ‘Tendulkar and Kumble score centuries’,” Kumble said. “He scored a century for West Zone and I got a century for South Zone and I didn’t know who Sachin was at that point of time.

“When we first came into the Indian team, everybody in India said you [Tendulkar] would break all records. You’ve done that. Congratulations to you. To me, when I first came, they said you won’t last two Test matches.

You had the challenge of proving everybody right. I had the challenge of proving everybody wrong.”

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Siddhartha Vaidyanathan sums up to a tee my feelings at this point in life! No one could’ve put it better!