I’m not sure if you all have come across the “I’ve learned that…series” on e-mail/papers. I happened to pick a compilation book of the same when in Mumbai. It is the “Live and Learn & Pass it On”. I’ve decided to share 7 thoughts every week starting today with you all.

The thoughts have been expressed by common people like us unlike the quotes we get from the famous ones; common people across ages from kids to grandparents to teenagers to middle aged couples. So here goes the first of a longggggggg series…


  1. I shouldn’t call my identical twin sister ugly – Age 12
  2. Whatever colour you like the least your mother-in-law will love the most – Age 33
  3. Having a boss who makes you sick isn’t a terminal condition – Age 47
  4. If you die broke, the timing was right – Age 64
  5. Flipping through channels is not annoying if I hold the remote – Age 42
  6. Although it’s hard to admit, I’m secretly glad that my parents are strict with me – Age 15
  7. You should never go through life with a catcher’s mitt on both hands. You need to be able to throw something back – Age 66