Sorry for the absentia last week! Shifted, moved houses – tiring but fun. Just settling in so regular blogging should pick up soon!

Since I missed posting last week , here is a double dose this week:

I Have Learned That…

  • Lord didn’t do it all in one day, what makes me think I can – Age 46
  • Whenever my mom calls me on the phone to say ” Hi”, it always makes me smile – Age 20
  • When you have an argument with your spouse; the first one who says” I’m sorry I hurt your feelings;please forgive me”, is the winner – Age 51
  • Learning to laugh at yourself is the surest sign of maturity – Age 47
  • Children and grandparents are natural allies – Age 39
  • Sometimes just taking a nap can be the best medicine – Age18
  • Whenever I’m in big hurry the person in front of me isn’t! – Age 29
  • I never have insomnia when it’s time to get up in the morning – Age 57
  • You should never try to ride your bicycle over a basketball – Age 14
  • You should never give your brother the squirt gun especially when it’s loaded with water – Age 7
  • You should never park your new car besides a beat-up car in the parking lot – Age72
  • Just one person saying to me “You made my day”, makes my day – Age20
  • A woman would rather be complimented about her intelligence than her looks – Age 39
  • If you want an honest answer on how you look, ask your little sister – Age13