Have u ‘C’een my little angel?

Shifted houses last week and it was an arduous task for someone who has never moved houses in her entire life. I first changed my house when I got married and all I did was pack suitcases to move into a set house! The second time around I packed the bare necessities to move to Dubai and the rest was set-up by the blokes from the Home Centres, Lifestyle , Carrefours and Furniture marts of Dubai!

I’m still overwhelmed by this whole shifting process. Friends and family are overjoyed with the new house but keep asking me if I’ll miss the old one. I surely will, it was not a lavish one but a sweet home for two which MDH and I had done up just fine. I was reminiscing my first days in Dubai in that house as I kept thinking what it is it that I’ll miss the most about that place. And to my and MDH’s realization there is only one thing, rather one person who makes that place richer and more lavish than all the villas and deluxe apartments of the world.

The first year she would only be friends with me and would run-away from MDH. The next year as she started hanging around at our place more frequently, MDH became her pal, her best friend, her buddy, her ally. He was her favorite as he is with everyone I know. (Yes I’m extremely jealous of him but I’ve resigned to that fact of life)

A bundle of energy, a livewire, loving & caring beyond her age, pretty, naughty, tantrum thrower, rockstar, terrific dancer, shy, talkative, artistic, graceful, obedient, respectful …have I missed out on anything?(P and A please fill me in!)

She has the prettiest smile in the world to greet you, so if you are having a hard day, drop in and visit her to drive the tiredness away. Her awesome tea which she makes with ginger-garlic and a pinch of ketchup is the most sumptuous tea I have ever had in my life. Now she has learnt to make ‘hot corn” and “lemonade” which she will be treating me to, the day I visit her next. She has gifted me the most precious gifts – a bracelet and pendant
(Handmade by her) and a spoon holder for the kitchen (hand-painted by her).

Her eyes lighten up every time one visits her and she has endless stories to narrate. If we think we’ll drop in for 5 minutes she ensures we stay on for another 50 minutes.

Her knowledge and diction of her mother tongue will put anyone to shame, and this inspite of having lived abroad. More than her I’m amazed by A and P. The nicest couple I’ve known till date and the ideal parents of my generation. No wonder she is turning out into a fine little lady.

Bless you little ‘C’, our little angel who is only 4 years old today. I’m yet to have one of my own and someday when I do, I’ll be glad that he/she will have such a lovely idol to follow. If she/he turns out to be 10% of what you are I’ll consider that God has blessed me! I hope and pray that we will be in touch and you will continue to light up the lives of one and all.

May you shine always, your journey has just begun and soon you’ll be sailing through it at thunder-speed. You have brought me more joy and happiness than my real ones have. There is reason when they say you don’t need to be related by blood to be called family. In the 3 years in Dubai, you, P and A have become my family.
In future wherever we will be, we will miss that smile and laughter every single day of our lives but we will thank God every day for giving us the opportunity to have known you so early in life!

Bless You!


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Me = 3.78 Earth:-((


  1. Minal

    @Anu: Thank you!
    @Swantatra: Thanks, I hope there will be more interesting ones for you to return to this blog!

    @Pagpr: thank you. Yeah I know how you feel! Somtimes we cannot control life!

  2. pagpri

    Lovely Minu….
    Well, I feel the same about your sentence " never wanted to live abroad, I tried every possible way to avoid it but now I've completed 3 years of expat life in Dubai.
    Mumbai, India- My city, my home, my heaven, my love, my lovely country, I don't know how I've survived these years away from you!"

  3. Swatantra

    First time on your blog!!

    Amazing written!!

  4. Anu

    Beautifully written.:-)

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