Me = 3.78 Earth:-((

Here is an interesting link that my friend has put up on her blog. I’ve got in touch with her ages after we left school. She is a research scientist who puts up some unusual science and technology discoveries/inventions on her blog. If you are looking for some intellectual fodder, hers is the blog to visit!

Though I don’t comment often on her blog, every article she puts up enriches your knowledge and here is one person who really cares about Planet Earth.

So I thought I’d take this quiz up and try alter my lifestyle to do my bit. Apparently I’m not yet doing my bit practically. This is not a good score:-(((((((
I suggest you all try it out.


Have u ‘C’een my little angel?


The 5 Best Things The Boy Has Done For Me

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  1. Radiance

    Thanks for putting the word out for my blog, Minal :). As I've said in my post, this quiz is to make you aware of your impact on the planet. Most of the things in our lifestyle are just taken for granted as we've grown up with them. But we never bother to see the whole picture, mostly knowingly. If you really want to get educated on what our modern lifestyle does for the planet, check out 'Story of Stuff'. Its a 20 min documentary / eyeopener.

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