The 5 Best Things The Boy Has Done For Me

When I first started blogging in 2005 I was an active blogger. I would pick up interesting tit-bits regularly and put them up, cricket was definitely mentioned on my blog, and so were some random articles. The thoughts just flew. However since my move to Dubai, I am unable to devote much time to this space and surf different blogs, leave my comments and interact with interesting bloggers. (Trust me the interactions help a lot.)
Of late after getting back to the blogosphere, I’m discovering a whole new list of interesting bloggers. I’ve not yet managed to comment on all their posts but continue to visit them regularly. As I said I’m little devoid of original thoughts right now. Hence, when I saw this tag on OJ’s blog , I thought I would give it a shot. If you like it , do take it up!

5 best things the boy has done for me

1. Proposed Marriage and confessed his love:

All those who’ve known me are aware of the tough nut that I’m. I’m fiercely independent, extremely opinionated, forthright, and in-your-face person. I’m not an easy going person at all. I did not even believe in the concept called love! No wonder when he popped the question, everyone including my mom, my uncle-aunt, my sis, my best friends, reconfirmed with him if he was in his senses and knew what he was getting into! Apparently he did and he carries with him all their blessings and sympathies which have helped us in 6 years of a wonderful relationship.

As for me I thank god every day for making him pop the question. I did have a crush on him in college, but because of my stupid ego and inane fundae, I would’ve never confronted him and lost my chance for ever! He pretty much ensures that till date he reminds me of my foolishness:-)

2. Made best friends with my best friends

My friends are an important part of my life. They have seen me through the worst times and been there whenever I needed them. They have been my inspiration and I feel blessed having them in my life. There are a few close ones who will always be top priority in my life no matter what. I was not sure how he would accept that but I’m simply amazed as to how my closest friends have developed a bond with him. He is no longer their friend’s husband but their own friend. The ones dearest to me are dearest to him now. I have my favourites and am not the same with one and all but he on the other hand embraces each one with equal care and attention.

3. Makes the best tea in the world every day

Heads straight to the kitchen after freshening up and serves me a hot cup of tea every single day. He has taken sometime to do it but now it’s a routine. Though I constantly yell at him for not helping me around and never express my happiness over the little things he does on his own; his tea does make up for a tiring day at work and home

4. The London Surprise

Read about it here! I’m awful at giving surprises but he manages to spring one every time! This stands at the top. My friends think I can never match this one and I know I can’t! My girlfriends have given their husbands a torrid time after learning about this and my guy-friends ensure that I pass on the curses to him for setting such high-standards. They curse themselves no less for sharing it with their wives!
(There are tons more – All my birthdays & our anniversaries, Calvin and Hobbes -10 Anniv book , The God’s VCDs etc. Every little love of mine thought about and catered to, just to see a smile on my face! As I said the one above deserved a special mention as it stands high up on the list of millions!)

5. The Gentle Touch

Every single night, without fail he will gently tap my forehead till I’m fast asleep. Ensure I’m comfortable under the quilt and then go to sleep. Every single day, he thinks I don’t notice. I do and I’m miserable when he takes off on his business trips or heads home on family visits (when I can’t make it with him thanks to work:-( )

P.S: Yeah I love him, I don’t express or say it often but I seriously do!!!


Me = 3.78 Earth:-((


War between Equals – Ashes 2009


  1. Minal

    @abhishek: i'm having a nice long weekend in ages and next will only be in sep so will visit your blog later in the week;-) And MDH will be more than willing to help;-)

    @sands: thanks:-) hahaha is it? No wonder I took an immediate liking to your blog 🙂

  2. Sands

    awww. That's so sweet. In that first item though I thought for a minute you were weirdly listing my qualities as in independant, opinionated etc etc 🙂 Right there with you 😉

  3. Abhishek

    hey sure…will def get back to ur hubby for assistance..:))

    Overall nice n interesting blog…added to ma blog

  4. Minal

    @abhishek: Thanks:-) yup glad that my husband could help you:-)

  5. Abhishek

    Now thats really a wonderful way of expressing ur feeling….really got sum lessons for my future wife…:)

    take care

  6. Minal

    @freud reborn: keep the faith girl!keep the faith!

    @mits: yeah I know you swear by point 2!!

  7. Mits

    minu this is beautiful…. and about point 2 simply no doubts….. may god bless u two forever!!!!muah

  8. Freud Reborn

    First of all I too never believed that a thing called "Love" existed.. second of all, I share the tough nut characteristic of yours.. third of all I dont believe in fairy tale love stories.. but yours has started convincing me to believe in it.. and believe in God, who has all good intentions to give everyone a fairy tale love story!
    May God bless your with the best things in the world always!

  9. Minal

    @jaydeep: thnk u:-) we are lucky to have u as a friend too!

    @anon: thanks, would help if you could leave a name instead of the anonymous tag

  10. Anonymous

    Extremely sweet way of expressing love for your guy!!!
    Loved your blog and the way you address your husband in your blog “MDH” now that’s so romantic 
    Keep it going!!!

  11. Jaydeep B

    Hey Minu, its great to read this one. You are very lucky to find him, and I am lucky to be both of yours friend.

  12. Minal

    @priya: yup i know..i touch wood everyday:-)

  13. pagpri

    Minal.. Your veyr lucky person to find Amit. Just say TOUCH WOOD !

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