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Vishal Bharadwaj has his own fan following. I’m one of them. I don’t want him to execute a romantic comedy – we have Karan Johar and Yash Raj for that. I don’t want his films to have the conventional heroes – we have SRK for that & the super glam dolls – we have enough of that don’t we?

He is one of the few intelligent movie makers in this industry who refuses to follow the norm. Take Makdee, Maqbool and Omkara. (I’ve not yet seen Blue Umbrella – but I did read that it is a lovely film) These films had nothing in common with the usual fanfare that Bollywood films are known for. His latest offering Kaminey is no different! The film has Vishal’s signature written all over it. If he is going to make such films after a 3 year break- I’m ready to wait, it’s completely worth it!

Kaminey rocks period. Maybe it is not “THE FILM” but it will go down as a classic, as a cult film and very difficult to emulate.

It’s fast paced , it’s slick, it requires you use your brains to follow the film(unlike many bollywood flicks which require no brains to understand what’s happening!) and it keeps you hooked from the moment the first reel opens.

I’m not going to review it in detail or list the storyline – suggest you catch it at a theatre near you at the earliest.

It might not set the box office ringing but it is the best so far this year in terms of content. The movie is dark just like his previous films. It focuses on reality and on real people. Not one scene in the movie has huge mansions, lavish sets or designer costumes. Heck Sweety wears a Westside Kurta (Damn it, I’ve a similar one and recognized it immediately). That’s how real he keeps it.

Shahid as Guddu and Charlie is outstanding – acting and the little dancing he gets to do. Priyanka surprised me with her simple Sweety and she steals the show in 3 scenes – at her marriage, at the police station and then in the climax – she is so suited to be a Bhai’s sister!

But it’s the unknown characters that rock this film, Amole Gupte as Sunil Chopper’ Bhope, Mikail and Inspector Lele (He has refined the famous ‘C’ word – catch that scene in the police station) set the screen on fire!

I’m not so sure the Indian audience will hail this film cause we are yet to mature – we still need the mushy romantic ones where everyone lives happily ever after! Sigh, but I enjoyed it immensely as it is different – different from the norm!

The music is outstanding – Fatak, Kaminey, Pehli Baar Mohabbat and Raat Ke dhai Bhaje keep you entertained, but the winner is no doubt Dhan Tana Tana. It has to be the song of the year. I’ve not heard any whistles as appreciation in Dubai Theatres (as we are used to in Mumbai) and I heard them as soon as this song hit the screen and they continued till it ended. Proof enough for its popularity. Sukhwinder and Vishal Dadlani have hit the highest notes and have recorded a mind blowing number – probably their best till date. Mind you, this one will be doing the rounds of all discs for a long time. Vishal first gives us a ‘Beedi’ and now Dhan Tana Tana – Sir, we take a bow!

Go watch Kaminey and rock to the tunes of Dhan Tana Tana.We need movies like this once in a while just to separate the intellectuals from the commoners!


P.F: Thought of writing the review in Charlie’f language but then held back, finfe thofe who have not feen it yet might not figure out what I’m writing. Fay what??


That time of the year again…



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