To the greenery sight below my airplane leaving the sands behind

To the lush green plants, to the mountain ranges, to the lakes, to the rain – the terrain seen from the flight resembled the 3-D geography models we built in school

To the huts and slums surrounding the airport, the cluster of concrete in pockets and some lush green land around

To the revamped new airport which brought a smile to my face

To the rude officers at the airport who refuse to greet anyone with a smile

To the surprise that the immigration officer picked up a polite conversation with me and smiled widely wishing me a safe and lovely visit, he made me feel at home:-)

To the warm people this city has (I dropped my customs chit – the small piece they tear from the immigration form and to be submitted before exiting the airport. It was picked up by an aunty who shouted my name aloud and came running to me to return it; worried that I would have been in trouble if I had lost it)

To the constant pestering of baggage helpers who think that a lady traveling alone cannot manage to offload & reload the luggage on her own

To the cheating and poor service this place offers – Made me pay Rs350 for a cool cab – the Fiat taxi fitted with AC!!! I travel in a Toyota Camry Taxi here in Dubai for the same distance and same money

To the filth, dirt, messes that I always see as I move out of the airport

To the honking, lane indiscipline, wrong overtaking, screeching, braking, signal disobedience, mouthing foul words as I travel down town from the airport

To the complete change in environment once the cab hits the town side of the city

To one of my favorite spots in the city, the lush green park, the multiple budding cricketers practicing in the nets, the 2-storeyed old buildings – flats with common verandahs, the smell of TIBBS Frankie and Vada Paav,

To the place which is the couple’s hot-spot, the sea-face, the posh buildings, followed by the messy dairy quarters, and my favorite colony

To the noise and blare that precedes the favourite festival in this place

To the scare that bus drivers love giving the smaller vehicles by the side

To the traffic hawaldars busy chatting and collecting Rs50 bribes

To my favorite person in this world, I saw her waiting at the colony gate anxiously scanning all cabs to look for her grown-up child

To the people who’ve loved me like no one else can, whose faces lit up just at the mere sight of me

To the person I’ve loved troubling all my life, and whom I’ve admired as well

To the sweet little home that has not changed since I left it last

To my secret den my room which has been missing me for long
Yes, I’m back to Maddening Mayhem that this Messy Mumbai offers!
From CST International airport along the western express highway passing my favorite Cadel Road & Shivaji Park, listening to the sounds that will bring this city alive for the next ten days of the Ganapati Festival!

Reaching my Worli Colony where Mumma and Mami were waiting impatiently. Mama-Aaji standing in the balcony above waiting to catch a glimpse of me & Didu who postponed her trip to meet me after 2 years!

To my sweet little home in Worli, to the place my parents built with their love and care
Yeah, Mumbai is not the best in the world but it is the place which gives me warmth, makes me feel welcome, which is responsible for all the love in my life, which is and always will be MY HOME!

I’ll always be back and one-day hopefully for GOOD!