Mothi Aai…

What do I tell you all about a person with whom I’ve shared a love-hate relationship. I’ve known people who were doted upon by their grandparents and who have had all 4 grandparents around them as they grew up. Their grandparents were their best friends and confidants. Take my mom for instance, she was her… Continue reading »


Well Said Afridi…

I’m mighty pleased after this article. Shahid comes up with some interesting points – “India has been lucky to have beaten Pakistan in all the ICC events”. Yeah for 17 years one has to be ‘really lucky’ to win against Pak despite the fact that none of these matches were close contests except the 2… Continue reading »


3 books, 3 stories and 3 moods…

I came back from Mumbai with a few must reads on my shelf. Before I hit the 3 huge cricket books I thought I’d finish the short ones first. ‘Marrying Anita’ by Anita Jain, ‘Q&A’ by Vikas Swarup and ‘My Friend Sancho’ by Amit Varma. I’m not particular when it comes to books – I’ve… Continue reading »


When the other ‘GOD’ speaks

If you have read this blog in the past or browsed through some latest posts you would know who I’m talking about. Not about ‘GOD’ on-field but about the other GOD off-field. He has been in the cricket world for last 20 years or more. I hooked on to cricket and primarily test cricket in… Continue reading »


Has justice finally been served ?

I came across this post by IHM – Who will POTA empower. IHM puts a voice to all the thoughts that went around in my head when I read about this case. If Ishrat is indeed innocent then is the cold-blooded murder under POTA justified by the police? Was there enough evidence to shoot the… Continue reading »


I don’t think you understand English

I’m back from my hectic trip to Mumbai (which explains the blog break). I used to meet little ‘C’ almost everyday when we were neighbours; now it’s almost once a week thing. C was on her vacation as well and I was going to meet her after more than a month! MDH and I had… Continue reading »


The Second One

From Starry Eyed… Sands had tagged me first hence most questions here! But I simply cannot not do the tag again when a wonderful blogger thinks you are worthy of an award!!! Starry Eyed Thanks a ton!! It’s an honour. So although late ( I was on a vacation in Mumbai for a wedding) I… Continue reading »