I came across this post by IHM – Who will POTA empower. IHM puts a voice to all the thoughts that went around in my head when I read about this case.

If Ishrat is indeed innocent then is the cold-blooded murder under POTA justified by the police? Was there enough evidence to shoot the young girl in such a manner? If she was indeed guilty why did she not get a fair trial?

Kasab goes and murders a thousand people in front of our eyes – there are numerous eye witnesses and evidence is caught on camera yet his trial continues for a year, so why did Ishrat not get one?

A friend of mine wrote to me in response that sometimes it is worth to sacrifice innocent lives if in the longer run it saves a million. I agree not – taking innocent lives is simply not acceptable when the real criminals are running scot free. It is fairly easy for us to pass judgements since our near an dear ones are not involved. God forbid if that were to happen would we be so cold-hearted and judgemental about Ishrat’s case