When the other ‘GOD’ speaks

If you have read this blog in the past or browsed through some latest posts you would know who I’m talking about. Not about ‘GOD’ on-field but about the other GOD off-field.

He has been in the cricket world for last 20 years or more. I hooked on to cricket and primarily test cricket in ‘91 when India toured down under. He did the commentary for ABC radio. Test matches down under were not telecast live on television then. Cable had not yet swamped India and following matches live on radio was still the thing to do. Every morning papa would switch on the radio and we both would be glued in ball-by-ball and later catch the highlights at night. Since then, I became a huge fan of this super intelligent man – Harsha Bhogle. His writing is inspirational, witty, analytical, thought provoking, never run-of-the-mill and always Out-of–the-Box, which also happens to be the title of his first book. I have bought it, will read it and the review will be up on the blog soon.

To those who would like to know some more of India’s finest cricket commentator, read and hear this candid interview with Prem Panicker.

He talks about cricket lacking good writers in the country, people no longer following the game for the game alone, youngsters not having the will to push for test cricket,the latest Ashes series,the reason for Australia’s recent downfall, IPL and if all three forms of cricket can co-exist, BCCI’s goal and development of Indian cricket, and if his job feels like a grind.

It makes for an interesting read as always. I wish BCCI hires him as a consultant – I really thought that the bit about doing away with the state administration and having franchises run state teams, in all forms of the game at domestic level could in many ways bode well for the game.

I won’t say more, go ahead and read this one. It is not to be missed.


Has justice finally been served ?


3 books, 3 stories and 3 moods…


  1. Minal

    @pins n ashes: well then you will definitely enjoy this interview!

  2. Pins N Ashes

    Watching cricket becomes very interesting when Harsha Bogle is around…thanks for the link:))


  3. Minal

    @jaydeep: thanks for the kind words:-) Not sure about a book but I can put up some blog posts about those topics…:-)

  4. Jaydeep B

    Slip of tounge….I meant Best Moments in Indian cricket.

  5. Jaydeep B

    Minal, thanks for driving us to read the nice interview of harsha bhogle. Looking at what you have written to drive us there, I feel that you should compile a book and write about Cricket. Something like the best moments you have witnessed in your life till now.
    That will be a great thing to read. All the best.

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