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Goodbye – David ‘Nelson’ Shepherd

Finally he bid his farewell.

I was fortunate enough to see him in action in India during the famous 2001 Ind-Aus series . I prayed for the team batting to hit a score of 111 or any multiple of 111; as I wanted to see him jump at the dreaded ‘Nelson’ score. It became such a known phenomenon in the game that for every match he officiated – all cameras turned to him the moment the score reached 111/222/333 etc.

He was jovial and a fun bloke. One who was admired and loved by all. Among the first ones to be on the ICC panel of neutral umpires. He remained there till his retirement.

Fair, just and always honest. He never hesitated to admit his mistakes. He brought much joy to this popular game. Though he had moved away from the field 4 years ago his presence was very much felt.

David ‘Nelson’ Shepherd will be sorely missed by one and all in the cricketing fraternity and by his fans.

May his soul rest in peace.

Wedding Limerick Tag

I think I’m becoming a big sucker for these blogworld tags! I came across this one on Average Jane’s blog and had to take it up since it evoked so many lovely memories.

The ‘name taking’ ceremony is a huge and important part of the wedding rituals in a Maharashtrian Wedding. It all started because in yesteryears women never called their husbands by their first name. The husbands would be addressed as ‘Aho’ which means the same as ‘ Aap’ in Hindi. I cannot translate in English because such a tense does not exist in this language!

So the only time one got to address their husband with a first name was through this ‘ name taking’ ceremony. The name had to be taken in a limerick which is known as ‘Ukhana’ in Marathi. This has now become a traditional must at all Marathi weddings.

Creativity is not my forte and hence I did not take the risk of making a fool of myself in front of ten thousand relatives by composing one of my own. Plus I have a husband who writes such wonderful poems that will put many to a shame! So who would want to compete with him!

I borrowed some from my cousin sisters and here is what I churned out. The third one almost had my aunts and sisters banging their heads! The English translations won’t exactly sound the best so get hold of your Maharashtrian friends to read them out to you!

“Chandichya samaila sonyachi vaat
(A) che naav gheun karte jevayalaa survaat”

(The silver lamp had a golden wick, I take A’s name to begin my lunch with)

“Ratnagiriche Aambe ani Goache Kaju
(A) che naav ghayla me kashyala laju”

(Mangoes from Ratnagiri and Cashewnuts from Goa, To say A’s name why should I feel shy)

“Ek hoti Chiu, Ek hota Kau
(A) che naav ghete, doka naka khau”

(Once there was a sparrow, once there was a crow, I’m taking A’s name, so don’t eat my head anymore)

I thought I could give it a shot and here’s is what I came up with today:

Knowing how much I love cricket,
He was the only one to get my wicket,
Neither knew how the playing track would be,
But the partnership is still going strong and approaching 5 years of being together with thee ( i.e MDH)

Before I leave – I had to share MDH’s original compositions as well, yeah I know who the better one is:-)

The first inspired from my participation and selection for ‘Harsha Ki Khoj’ competition – city rounds.

“Shodh shodh shodhile, shevti jhale prayatna safal
Aho, Harsha chi Khoj kasli hi tar majhi Khoj Minal”

(I searched and searched, finally my efforts paid off, who said she is ‘Harsha ki Khoj’, she is my Khoj( discovery) Minal)

‘Talpatya unhat savli sheetal,
Ashyach eka kshani mala sapadli Minal”

(In the scorching heat, there is a soothing shade, in a similar moment I found Minal)

Average Jane thanks so much for this tag and I’m now tagging Sujatha, Starry Eyed, and Poonam. All those who read this are also tagged!

How do you tell?

I haven’t been myself for sometime now. I’m trying to be chirpy and happy but am not. I’m trying to engross myself in work but it’s not happening. I’m trying hard to be strong but I can’t. I’m trying to get back to my routine but it’s not helping. I’m trying to keep myself occupied, with the dancing, with the writing, with the music and with the books; to take my mind off, nope that’s not working too.

I can see the problems and I cannot or maybe I’m not trying enough to find the solutions. I’m worrying too much and for the first time I am at a loss. It’s not me giving up or anything but I think I’m falling apart and getting weak.

It’s not that I’ve not seen death at close quarters; it’s just that the aftermath this time is playing havoc with my mind. The intention is not to get sympathy votes – I hate that. When people got to know me after Papa’s death and used to tell me, ‘Minal, we are sorry for your loss’ – I used to pray hard for that conversation to end at those very words. I don’t need the sympathy; I would tell myself I’ve been lucky – He was there with me for 17 years – some do not even get a chance to meet their father.

It’s just that I’m leaving for Mumbai again in a few days and meeting mom; and I do not know how to tell her to get on with her life. 12 years back I could, because she had so much to see and complete which Papa could not. She knew she had to be strong too and she did. Mom unlike me and Papa, is an introvert, does not open up to many people, but if you know her from close quarters, she is the most loving person you will meet. She is also very much in touch with the times and though she nags me at times, she often understands and lets me be. But she is very emotional unlike me and unlike her mother. Accepting things as is comes far easier to me than her.

She has tried her best but I know she has not yet fully recovered from the tragedy that struck us 12 years back, honestly neither have I. Sure it made us stronger and independent but it’s not easy. Having lost a parent I know how it feels. It makes you insecure, unsure and orphaned at whatever age you are. The only way is to see others who have faced worst and pacify ourselves in being lucky.

But then again how do I tell someone who has lost both her parents; that it is okay, accept and move on. How would I feel tomorrow if my daughter told me – ma you need to move on – this is how life is; well I know how life is, I have seen it much more than you – that’s  what I would think then.

I love mom so much, with all her flaws and limitations she has been the best mother to me and I would have none other in any other lifetime.

She too is feeling the same right now about her mother. Yes, her mother stayed with her the most and the longest one possibly can, but whether you are 5 or 15 or 30 or 60 you never stop being a daughter to your mother and your mother never stops caring about you even though you are independent and up on your feet.

So tell me, how do you tell a daughter to move on, now that her mother, her companion, her friend is not there anymore to walk the remaining path of life with her.

If I knew then what I know now

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Letter to my teenage self (15 years)– inspired by this and this.

Dear Me,

I finally got down to writing this letter. It took a long time coming – I wanted to do it the day I achieve the big ‘0’ but they say don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. Your first learning from me, don’t procrastinate ever, you never know what you will miss and what you will regret.

School’s over, college awaits. It will not be easy from here – There are and will be many smarter, brighter, superior, intelligent people than you – accept that fast. I know you will, since papa and mumma have ensured that your feet are firmly grounded to the earth.

It is good to have ambitions and dreams but prepare yourself to face the fact that not all of them will be always fulfilled. You will have to learn to be content, happy and satisfied with what you get and what you become.

You will miss your entire school bunch, don’t be surprised. A few will remain with you till date through thick and thin, some will fade but they will not go away from your memory. Those 43 girls spent 11 years with you – 7 hrs a day, 5 days a week, 10 months a year. Those memories cannot fade and don’t let them die. Don’t worry, in the future you will come across orkut/ facebook which will help you reconnect.

Life is not a popularity contest so stop fretting if people do not like you. Sometimes it is good to have enemies.

Some people need to grow up early in life – you will be one of them. You’ll realize this in a couple of years from now. You will hate God and hate your life. You will take your time and deal with it your way. I’m not going to tell anything right now because I want you to face it as and when it happens; for it will determine the person you are today. You will discover that you have enough strength in you to overcome tragedies, hardships, all the struggle and hurt you will go through from now on.

College will be a roller-coaster ride and a journey of discoveries. Sail through it and take everything with a pinch of salt. You will meet some awesome people who will become an integral part of your life. Their friendship and love will eliminate any scars that might have been left.

Zits are not permanent – they do disappear. Seems improbable now but trust me. Being thin and weighing 43 Kgs is not always bad – you’ll realize the benefits, but also remember you will not remain like this forever.

Learn to trust mumma when she tells you that girls begin to look pretty as they approach 25-30. Btw looks really do not matter when it comes to being with the right person.

It is okay to have a crush, and it is also okay to fall in love. Your first crush need not be your first love but it is okay to remain friends, you need not eliminate him from your life. He did not know so don’t blame him.

Guys can make the best of friends. They can remain loyal and care for you no matter what. You will have your own best guy-friends till date who will be your best confidants.

Remember in future that just cause you will not meet up in years does not mean you will drift apart as friends. Distance has got nothing to do with being friends.

Not being on the college magazine editorial team will hurt. That’s okay, you will continue to write and you will get your rewards. They may come in bits and pieces but people will appreciate your work. Keep writing, you may give up on it in between but get back to it. It will stay with you for long.

Not being able to pursue classical dancing will hurt but you will get the opportunities to get back. Keep the faith.

Your best friend will not be around everyday as she is today. Learn to deal with it. It could be years before you meet her but that does not mean your friendship will get affected. Refrain from the immature behaviour displayed when you girls were in Std IV. Trust her and trust yourself. She will remain your Rock of Gibraltar as always.

Guys do not always like assertive, in-your-face, independent, rebellious girls. You are not good at boosting people’s egos either. Over and above you are quite an authority over a game they claim is their own. You need not change yourself – you are doing fine. There will be one awesome guy who will like all these traits, so wait for him patiently.

You will probably have to give up your thoughts of no marriage and adoption as a single mother. You will tread the traditional way of life much before your friends do and will have a love marriage – don’t raise your eyebrows at me now. You are not meant for an arranged marriage – mom will not put herself through that torture.

Learn to let go. There is no point in keeping grudges or hating people. I’m not saying forgive and forget. I’m just saying forget – by keeping them in your mind you are just abusing your memory space.

On the other hand, learning a few swear words will help. Remember Calvin says: Life’s disappointments are harder to take when you don’t know any swear words.” So it is absolutely okay to learn them, they will help especially when you drive and when you need to curse people who land up hurting you, relieves you from a lot of pain!

Didi and you will torment each other less and grow close. You’ll seek her advice and confide all things to her first. Don’t be surprised. That’s how a relationship between sisters develops.

Mumma and family will adore the guy you marry and for first time you may not be the centre of attention – stop getting jealous of him – he is yours remember?

Don’t lose that rebellious streak in you, but let go of the stubbornness at times. Learn to express yourself to your loved ones more often, people like to be told that they are loved and cared for, you may get embarrassed when people tell you that but it does not mean that you do not reciprocate.

If someone tells you that once you see death you can deal with it better, don’t believe them. Dealing with death-never is and never will be easy, especially when it is of your loved ones. Yes, life moves on and we get on with our routine – but memories remain forever and no matter what, you miss your loved ones, every single day of your life.

People do change and you cannot change people; so you might need to re-adjust. The faster you learn this, the better – you will be saved of your own misery sooner.

Finally, take everything with a pinch of salt as clichéd as it may sound, and remember what Calvin said (Yeah that 6-year old brat will also teach you a whole lot of stuff – don’t forget to thank Bill Watterson)

Life is like topography, Hobbes. There are summits of happiness and success, flat stretches of boring routine, and valleys of frustration and failure

Life is not easy and if it has been, it means something is not right. To truly appreciate it, you need the tough times.

Cheers, have a great one and get to be me slowly!

Bliss in Melody

When the mind seeks peace and calm, there is nothing better do to but to turn to music. While there are numerous oldies which will spring up in mind, I’ve switched to the songs from the musicians of my era. Here are some of my absolute favourites – songs that might not have been chart busters but leave a mark, a permanent imprint on your mind, heart and soul.

Yeh Honsla & Imaan Ka AsarDor

When hopes are down and life seems a despair these two songs will lift your spirits to no end. Salim-Sulaiman render their finest. The music does justice to this beautiful movie and the entire story is summed up by these two songs.

My favourite lines here:

Zurrat So Baar Rahe,
Uncha Ikraar Rahe,
Zinda Har Pyar Rahe
Yeh Hosla Kaise Juke,
Yeh Aarzoo Kaise Ruke

Imaan Ka Asar is by far my favourite number of Sunidhi and Shreya. Sunidhi is the rockstar and Shreya the melody queen. Both immensely talented, have carved their niche in the industry and are currently unparalleled.

Jalti Dhup Me Halki Hawa Chal Gayi,
Mila Bharosa Yaar Ka, Ja Phir Sambhal Gayi,
Shayad Hai Ye Dosti, Ya Imaan Ka Asar
Aage Kya Likha Humko Kya Khabar.


KK is another favourite of mine. Be it Yaaron from Rockford or Tadap Tadap from Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Most might think he has limited capabilities, but I think he is one of the finest among the new generation singers. This number brings a smile to my face at all times. When I’m feeling low, I just switch to this song on my I-pod.

What I felt about the song and the movie – You will need to wade through the archives here.

Piyu Bole & Raat Hamari TohParineeta

In my honest opinion, this was the most melodious album to have come out in this decade. It was melody personified and took us back to the 60s and 70s when melodious music was at its peak. Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire gave our generation an album to be proud of. Each and every song is unique but these 2 stand out the most for me. Shreya and Sonu brought life to Piyu Bole – by far my favourite romantic number. 

Baanvra MannHazaaron Khwaishein Aisi

There is a longer version by Swanand Kirkire himself and two by Shubha Mudgal which are rather short and leave you longing for more. A lovely classical based number which narrates all about our playful, innocent, and carefree mind. Shantanu Moitra and Swanand Kirkire are the men behind this one.

In DinoMetro

This one did not get enough publicity but in my opinion is the best number of ‘Metro’ cause Soham puts his heart and soul in this one.

In Dino, Dil Mera, Mujhse Hai Keh Raha
Tu Khwaab Saja, Tu Ji Le Jara
Hai Tujhe Bhi Izaazat, Karle Tu Bhi Muhabbat

Kholo KholoTare Zameen Par

It may not exactly be a soft soothing number and does have a rock feel to it, but it is another one that cheers me up. It’s my favourite in the entire album. Especially these lines

Tu Dhoop Hain Jham Se Bikhar
Tu Hai Nadee O Bekhabar
Beh Chal Kahin, Ud Chal Kahin
Dil Khush Jahan, Teri Toh Manzil Hai Wahin

Maa – Tare Zameen Par

I’m not saying anything on this one, it just makes me cry every time I listen to it. Moms always know everything –

Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Hain Na Maa
Tujhe Sab Hain Pata, Meri Maa

Maula Mere Lele Meri JaanChak De

This one is a beautiful number that depicts the feelings of all average Indian Muslims – for they know no other motherland. It brings tears to my eyes every time I listen to it and I’m yet to figure out why this one has not made it to the list of patriotic songs of our nation. Jaideep Sahni and Salim Sulaiman have given us a gem to treasure for the rest of our lives.

Ek LauAamir

This one shook me up the first time I heard it . It still continues to do so. It describes the effects of terrorism – why are innocent lives taken before they blossom, why can’t there be a world without borders?

Ek Lau Is Tharah Kyun Bhuji Mere Maula
Ek Lau Zindagi Ki Maula

Shilpa Rao’s rendition is haunting and does not leave your mind. NDTV played this song in the background in their tribute to 26/11 victims and heroes. They couldn’t have chosen a more apt song.

Khuda JaaneBachna ae Haseeno

KK and Shilpa Rao come together to bring alive a soulful number. Rare as these songs are in today’s hip-hop and fast tracks, many thanks to Vishal Shekhar for giving us this beauty.

Kuch KumDostana

This too did not feature on many charts but is peaceful and soothing, and is rendered by another favourite – Shaan. I just love his voice. There is so much calmness to it.

Kuch Kum Roshan Hai Roshani, Kuch Kum Gili Hai Baarishein
Kuch Kum Lehraati Hai Hawa, Kuch Kum Hai Dil Mein Khwaayishein
Tham Sa Gaya Hai Yeh Waqt Aise, Tere Liye Hi Thehra Ho Jaise

Title TrackU Me Aur Hum

The reason why Shreya Ghosal is today’s melody queen. If you’ve listened to this one you would know why. The song touches the right cord. Let me be and you be the same, together let us be. I’m not a die-hard romantic – ask MDH, but if I were ever to dedicate a song to MDH, this would be it. The music is unusual, what else would you expect from a genius called ‘Vishal Bharadwaj’

Tum, Tum Bhi Raho, Main, Main Bhi Rahoon
Hum, Hum Bhi Rahein
Teeno Mil Ke Saath chale
Saathi Janam Janam, U Me Aur Hum.

Oh Chalo Yoon Jiye, Agar Main Na Rahoon
Ya Tum Na Raho, Hum, Hum Hee Rahein
Jaise Saaya Saath Chale, Saath Rahein Hardum
U Me Aur Hum, U Me Aur Hum,
U Me Aur Hum, U Me Aur Hum,

Yeh Tumhari Meri BaateinRock On

Did I just tell you all that if I were to dedicate a song to MDH, I would dedicate the Title Track of U,Me Aur Hum, well hold on, there is tough competition from this one here. Dominique Cerejo sings to the tune of Shankar- Ehsaan-Loy and does wonders to this beautiful number. The guitar in the background sets this one apart.


Though my favourite from this soundtrack is the title track, this number comes a close second. A reminder of A R Rahman’s previous numbers ‘Piya Haji Ali’ & ‘Khwaja Mere Khwaja’ – this prayer reaches out to everyone.

Arziyaan Sari Mein, Chehre Pe Likh Ke Laaya Hoon
Tumse Kya Mangu Mein, Tum Khud Hi Samjah Lo…

A lovely prayer to the Lord. The song is serenity personified.

Tune Jo Na KahaNew York

Mohit Chauhan of Dooba Dooba fame has had one fantastic year with hits after hits beginning with Masakali, then Kuch Khaas, then Kaminey – Pehli Baar Mohabbat and this one from New York. For the sheer sombre mood and sadness he brings out, this one makes it to my favourite list.

Kya KaroonWake Up Sid

Clinton Cerejo took me back to the confused, lost, carefree days of college. Getting to learn about live, love and the crazy happenings that made us who we are today. I miss my engineering days – I miss my friends and the fun we had. This song takes me on an emotional roller-coaster ride yet again. My favourite line – Yeh Jo Pal Hai Yeh Nabeetein Yuun Hi Main Rahun.

Sigh I wish things came back to being the same again!

IkTara – Wake up Sid

And finally the song that inspired this post. This song blew my mind away. Kavita Seth reminds me of Shubha Mudgal and is simply divine in this song! Amitabh like he did in Ek Lau, lends a perfect support! Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy have a winner on their hands.

I’m in love with this song, absolutely in love with this song. It is endearing, blissfully endearing and can bring only a cheer in your life, and a smile on your face.

P.S: So there, I put up some ‘new’ favourites of mine. I would love to know about yours. Go ahead let me know under the ‘Comments’ for this post.

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