Goodbye – David ‘Nelson’ Shepherd

Finally he bid his farewell. I was fortunate enough to see him in action in India during the famous 2001 Ind-Aus series . I prayed for the team batting to hit a score of 111 or any multiple of 111; as I wanted to see him jump at the dreaded ‘Nelson’ score. It became such… Continue reading »


Wedding Limerick Tag

I think I’m becoming a big sucker for these blogworld tags! I came across this one on Average Jane’s blog and had to take it up since it evoked so many lovely memories. The ‘name taking’ ceremony is a huge and important part of the wedding rituals in a Maharashtrian Wedding. It all started because… Continue reading »


How do you tell?

I haven’t been myself for sometime now. I’m trying to be chirpy and happy but am not. I’m trying to engross myself in work but it’s not happening. I’m trying hard to be strong but I can’t. I’m trying to get back to my routine but it’s not helping. I’m trying to keep myself occupied,… Continue reading »


If I knew then what I know now

This post was selected the winner in the “Best Personal Post” Category at the Avant Garde Bloggies Awards Post featured on Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks Letter to my teenage self (15 years)– inspired by this and this. Dear Me, I finally got down to writing this letter. It took a long time coming – I… Continue reading »


Bliss in Melody

When the mind seeks peace and calm, there is nothing better do to but to turn to music. While there are numerous oldies which will spring up in mind, I’ve switched to the songs from the musicians of my era. Here are some of my absolute favourites – songs that might not have been chart… Continue reading »