I think I’m becoming a big sucker for these blogworld tags! I came across this one on Average Jane’s blog and had to take it up since it evoked so many lovely memories.

The ‘name taking’ ceremony is a huge and important part of the wedding rituals in a Maharashtrian Wedding. It all started because in yesteryears women never called their husbands by their first name. The husbands would be addressed as ‘Aho’ which means the same as ‘ Aap’ in Hindi. I cannot translate in English because such a tense does not exist in this language!

So the only time one got to address their husband with a first name was through this ‘ name taking’ ceremony. The name had to be taken in a limerick which is known as ‘Ukhana’ in Marathi. This has now become a traditional must at all Marathi weddings.

Creativity is not my forte and hence I did not take the risk of making a fool of myself in front of ten thousand relatives by composing one of my own. Plus I have a husband who writes such wonderful poems that will put many to a shame! So who would want to compete with him!

I borrowed some from my cousin sisters and here is what I churned out. The third one almost had my aunts and sisters banging their heads! The English translations won’t exactly sound the best so get hold of your Maharashtrian friends to read them out to you!

“Chandichya samaila sonyachi vaat
(A) che naav gheun karte jevayalaa survaat”

(The silver lamp had a golden wick, I take A’s name to begin my lunch with)

“Ratnagiriche Aambe ani Goache Kaju
(A) che naav ghayla me kashyala laju”

(Mangoes from Ratnagiri and Cashewnuts from Goa, To say A’s name why should I feel shy)

“Ek hoti Chiu, Ek hota Kau
(A) che naav ghete, doka naka khau”

(Once there was a sparrow, once there was a crow, I’m taking A’s name, so don’t eat my head anymore)

I thought I could give it a shot and here’s is what I came up with today:

Knowing how much I love cricket,
He was the only one to get my wicket,
Neither knew how the playing track would be,
But the partnership is still going strong and approaching 5 years of being together with thee ( i.e MDH)

Before I leave – I had to share MDH’s original compositions as well, yeah I know who the better one is:-)

The first inspired from my participation and selection for ‘Harsha Ki Khoj’ competition – city rounds.

“Shodh shodh shodhile, shevti jhale prayatna safal
Aho, Harsha chi Khoj kasli hi tar majhi Khoj Minal”

(I searched and searched, finally my efforts paid off, who said she is ‘Harsha ki Khoj’, she is my Khoj( discovery) Minal)

‘Talpatya unhat savli sheetal,
Ashyach eka kshani mala sapadli Minal”

(In the scorching heat, there is a soothing shade, in a similar moment I found Minal)

Average Jane thanks so much for this tag and I’m now tagging Sujatha, Starry Eyed, and Poonam. All those who read this are also tagged!