Finally he bid his farewell.

I was fortunate enough to see him in action in India during the famous 2001 Ind-Aus series . I prayed for the team batting to hit a score of 111 or any multiple of 111; as I wanted to see him jump at the dreaded ‘Nelson’ score. It became such a known phenomenon in the game that for every match he officiated – all cameras turned to him the moment the score reached 111/222/333 etc.

He was jovial and a fun bloke. One who was admired and loved by all. Among the first ones to be on the ICC panel of neutral umpires. He remained there till his retirement.

Fair, just and always honest. He never hesitated to admit his mistakes. He brought much joy to this popular game. Though he had moved away from the field 4 years ago his presence was very much felt.

David ‘Nelson’ Shepherd will be sorely missed by one and all in the cricketing fraternity and by his fans.

May his soul rest in peace.