Down with Plagiarism

I cannot fathom how people can pass of other’s work as their own. Sure I see it a lot in my offline world but this is not acceptable.

My thoughts and opinions make me unique so don’t ttry taking them away and publishing as your own.

IHM we love your blog and all your blogposts – your thoughts which are only yours and none not even ShetalShah can make them their own!

In the fight against plagiarism with you – you know you will win this one!


How I Became a Cricket Fan


Art of Living


  1. Indian Home Maker

    Would you believe after taking the content down for a few days, she put it up again? Yesterday night I came to know through Survivor's comment. Then after endless emails and after being redirected all over the net, with blogger Vikas Gupta's help, finally it has been taken off. This time emailed and apologised.

    Two days wasted just getting her to delete 31 duplicated posts.

  2. Minal

    @IHM: don't embarrass me! Please will always support in such matters – I can imagine how you must be feeling after he/she copied your original stuff!

    @solilo: Honestly I was disgusted after seeing what happened with IHM so thought I need to join in too and offer her all the support we can

    @Soin: That is some analogy:-) Sure it might be flattering if given due credit where it lies but this is ridiculous!

    @Masood: We bloggers need all the support we can gather for IHM!

    @Radiance: Yes same feeling! I can imagine your disgust even more since Oregon is associated as well

    @Starry Eyed: Glad we all could do our bit in getting the site down and being with IHM

    @Ankita: It is indeed Ankita and hence when such things happen we must lend our support against such stuff!

  3. Ankita

    This is so disguiting.Few people love to enjoy on other people efforts.

  4. starry eyed

    Yuck…what a cheapo. Good you joined in the outrage:)

  5. Radiance

    Wow, that's disgusting! And its from an Indian in Oregon 0_0. For the first time I'm feeling embarassed for being associated with both India and OR :(.

  6. masood

    Down with Plagiarism!!!

  7. soin

    i think they are learning it from the indian directors and music directors..and they think in this big cyber world you wont find them..but they forget murphy's law..atleast the original author can be secretly happy that someone found their writing to be that good that they copied

  8. Solilo

    It is sick because it is a waste of time for the original writer to go after it and also a mental torture till the plagiarized content is down. Good that they rectified their error.

  9. indianhomemaker

    Minal Thank You! I have no words good enough to express how grateful I am…
    Plagiarism is not something we can fight on our own – we need all possible support – I am deeply moved by this post…

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