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I’ve joined Kathak classes in Dubai again after a gap of 10 years. So far have thoroughly enjoyed the experience – even had a stage performance! I have a lovely set of friends there and it is a good break from the daily routine.

We were practising today and at the end of the class were casually chatting. I happened to mention about the Reiki course MDH and I are planning to attend this weekend.

The 5 year old daughter of my friend who was listening to us walked up to me and asked ‘ Aunty what is Reiki?’. I told her it is a Japanese art which teaches spiritual healing – yeah I realised it was too heavy for a 5 year old , so I said it’s an art of living.

The young one looked at me and asked ‘Oh so do they make you do ‘Art and Craft’ there? My friends were in splits while I did not know what to say!

I seriously am at a loss in tackling today’s kids. So much help will be needed when I have one of my own!


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  1. Minal

    @Nova:I chanced upon these classes after 3 yrs of being in dubai:-((( But better late than never! Keep the faith – loads of Indians there so you'll find a Kathak class soon!

  2. worldthrumyeyes

    Wowwwwwwwwww!!! I am sooooooooooo J!!! I loveeeeeeeee Kathak and have not been able to find good Kathak classes in Singapore… 🙁

    I am sure u having fun 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Minal

    @Starry eyed: sorry for the late reply – was in the reiki course!
    Sure anytime – Kathak is the most beautiful dance. Do let me know! And let her start early – I know what I've missed out on!

    Already experiencing the good effects of Reiki – Need to sought out lots of stuff in life – hence need all the healing!

  4. starry eyed

    Oh cool! So I can get Kathak tips for Divya from you then:)

    And Reiki rocks…it really works, so gentle and healing. Good luck!

  5. Minal

    @Solilo: Whether I learn on my own or not – I'm still coming for classes if you offering them:-)
    But just that I think that kids today are very very smart – my mother used to tell me that I was a bright kid; but now when I see these little ones they put me to shame:-)))

    @Pins and Ashes – What is stopping you? Go ahead learn!!! It is never too late

    @Priya: It's just that they are way too smart these days and answering questions is not going to be easy at all:-))

  6. pagpri

    I think it will all come naturally.. When I think of having a baby.. the first question that comes to my mind is.. Do I even have the strength and guts to be a mother?
    But from what I've heard of others.. It just comes naturally…
    Good luck to all of us.

  7. Pins N Ashes

    I want to learn Kathak…, I just love the grace of the art, and kids are wonderfully innocent ….

  8. Solilo


    Minal, you will learn. Don't worry. 🙂 🙂 Otherwise I will offer classes which is fun.

    Kathak is nice. Dances are best forms of exercise.

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