I have mixed feelings today. I could not see THE GOD in action today so I was miserable but feeling glad that I was saved of the heartbreak that the remaining 10 caused us!

He has amassed 17,000 runs in ODIs in 435 matches with 45 hundreds and 91 fifties and yet we question him.

Today was a repeat of the 1999 Chennai heartbreak. Opponents different , the situations the same. Sachin singlehandedly had led the chase then and the rest could not manage the 16 runs. Today he actually made us believe that 350 could be chased and he almost did. 175 of 141 balls and he had singlehandedly almost demolished the Aussies.

We, his team and us fans, failed him yet again. His team cause they could not chase the balance 19 runs of 17 balls and we fans who at the end of the match complained – But he did not complete the target again!

Damn you all dimwits! Yuvraj and Dhoni have never chased a target of 350 – they don’t have it in them. So don’t give me that crap about see how these two stay till the end! They have come into the team where they grew under the shade of the GOD, the WALL and the PRINCE. Give Dhoni and Yuvraj a target of 250-300 and they are fine but give them 300+ and they are down mentally.

There is only one man in this Indian team who for the last 20 years has believed that nothing is impossible and has given it his all. He is the sole person today who believed that 350 was achievable and almost proved it.

Sigh! I’m convinced it’s a collective conspiracy against this man that is going on for the last 20 years. Whatever he does is simply not enough – for his team and for his fans.

There will not be a greater player than him ever – I’m confident of that. At 36 years today he put all those young 20 some things in his team to complete shame. Sixers straight down the track, cheeky runs of the third man area, scintillating cover drives, trademark straight drives. He played every shot in his repository and after 20 years, still manages to enthral us every time he sets his foot on the ground. Tell me who in the current lot is capable of carrying his legacy forward? NONE!

Sachin ‘GOD’ Tendulkar we take a bow, again and again and forever! For last 20 years you have given us so many moments to treasure, so many moments that make us smile and so many moments that make us proud that you belong to us , you belong to India.

And on behalf of all those dimwits who doubt your commitment and feel that you did not stay till the end to achieve a victory – I apologize.

Please forgive them my Lord, for they know not what they do and speak.