Starry-eyed how can I not take up a ‘tag’ from you. Her blog is one of my favourites – for her simplicity, straight from the heart talk, for the stuff she has done in her personal and professional life ( I dream of it – someday I hope I can!).

So here goes my bucket list:

To do:

  1. Spend the last chapter of my life doing social service for kids – teaching or funding their education. No child deserves to lose the right to his/her education, no matter what the circumstances. If we educate them, we educate our next generation.
  2. Build my own library – Books, music and movies. A must have. I’ve laid the first brick of its foundation.
  3. Start a nice homely restaurant. A small one – no branches & no expansion. One that serves your simple home made delicacies, the original recipes of my family – grand mom, mom, mom-in-law, sisters and aunts.
  4. Retire at 50 in Goa. I want that dream house so badly – a small bunglow by the beach. Spend the rest of the life hassle-free amidst nature with my adorable GUY.
  5. Have kids – Yes it is a must in life. That little one changes everything about your life – it is much needed.
  6. Adopt – I want one of my own and adopt another. I so do believe in it.
  7. Travel – Europe, USA, NZ, Australia, HK, Bali, Maldives, Hawaii, Brazil, South Africa, Kenya. I’ve made plans and cancelled them but I need to visit these places before I retire. The beauty of earth needs to be explored not just watched in photographs
  8. Catch a cricket match live @
    a. Lord’s – England
    b. Sydney Cricket Ground – Australia
    c. Johannesburg – South Africa
    d. Eden Gardens – Kolkatta, India
    e. Chepauk – Chennai, India
  9. Start our own venture. Be my own boss and keep my company clear of the “corporate culture”. How, when, what, why – no answers found yet –hence no action taken!
  10. Try and learn the maximum I can – Cooking classes, Creative writing, Reiki, Classical Dancing, Salsa, till the day I breathe my last
  11. Publish my recipe book – I’ve inherited it from my granny and mother, I do a good job of it!
  12. Own a cricket column in a magazine or newspaper – Wishful thinking I know, but what the heck!

The journey so far:

  1. I’ve been a good daughter to my parents – It’s the most satisfying feeling.
  2. I take pride in my friendships – The ones I’ve nurtured and built.I’ve been true and loyal to each one and loved each one dearly,I still do.
  3. Together with MDH, we both have not let my mom or in-laws struggle again in life – Their smile of content and hearts swelling with pride are priceless and remain my most treasured possessions.
  4. Been a good mentor to my younger cousins, nieces and the next gen. I feel proud and happy when they seek my advice; even more when their parents set my example before them. The kiddos hate and love me at the same time:)
  5. Had my cricket articles published on the internet and newspapers, made it through ‘Harsha ki Khoj’ – Small things that maybe inconsequential when compared to achievements of others but, they still make me beam with pride.
  6. Did a fair job at my studies and career, made it to the best colleges and to the best companies – Fairly happy about that.
  7. Never thought I’d get back to dancing after I quit grad school – I’m proud I gave my first Kathak Performance last month. I gave Bharatnatyam performances on national TV at aged 6 and 9. I was the youngest in my batch then; I still regret the fact that I never pursued dance seriously.
  8. Got my Driving License in Dubai a year before MDH got his. Drove him around – played the official chauffer without complaints; he was so proud of me. I still continue to be the official chauffer for my wonderful ‘Girl Gang’ here! Always wanted to own a SUV since I stepped into Dubai. Our first car is my big baby – my mini-dream come true.
  9. MDH and I’ve done our small bit in helping a friend achieve his dream. His journey has just begun but every little achievement of his makes us proud – It’s like we are living his dream! I hope one day he will make the world his own.
  10. Got a chance to interact with my only idol till date thanks to MDH – I’ve still preserved his mail in my inbox.
  11. I’ve been extremely clear about the principles I’ve been brought up with, no conflicts there ever. I have never compromised on them and I know that sticking to them will pay-off, may be a little late but it will. Ethics come first, everything else follows.
  12. My inner strength amazes me every time I’m shaken up. I have realized that I’m bloody strong & independent – that confidence helps me tackle anything and everything that I face in life.
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