The Personal Decade Wrap Up

Since I started the best of the decade series, instead of running a long year end post; I’d thought I’d do the decade wrap up – not only the best but the worst as well! Entered the personal 20s decade.   Lost my favourite cousin brother – all of 25 to blood cancer . Graduated… Continue reading »


The Best of the Decade – Test Innings by an Indian Batsman

  This post was picked for Blogadda’s Top 25  posts of 2010 for the Spicy Saturday Picks    This post was picked for Blogadda’s Spicy Saturday Picks  (In no specific order of preference)   1. 167, V.V.S Laxman – SCG, 2000   If you ever wondered how did Laxman learn to weave his magic wand on 14Mar,2001… Continue reading »


The Best of the Decade – Cricket Series

This is going to be one long post. The year end brings lots of memories – the decade even more. Tried to pick the best of what lies in my memory. 1. India Vs Australia – 2001 This has to be undoubtedly the series of the decade and the best in the history of Cricket!… Continue reading »


The 3 Idiots in Us…

The first question arising in the minds of all those readers of ‘5 point Someone’ is how “inspired” is the movie from this book. Rajkumar Hirani, prior to release of the movie, kept saying that it is only inspired from the book and is not an adaptation of the book itself. Just like Slumdog Millionaire… Continue reading »


Rain Romance

It is raining in the desert land.Dubai generally gets a week of rainfall every December but last year it had also poured in April. This year the rains have set in and today was the day when this place received it’s heaviest rainfalls. Needless to say the entire city was in a mess. Roads flooded,… Continue reading »


Meri Maa Teri Hain Mere Paa

That’s the song that plays at the end when the titles roll – sung by the 13 year old Auro. Listen to the lyrics carefully, the songs sums up what the movie is about – It’s about Auro and his mom. I’m not going to write about the story as everyone knows it by now,… Continue reading »


Dubai Tour – A Quick Guide

A friend from MBA days is soon to visit the Land of Sheikhs . I will be meeting him after 5 whole years and looking forward to catch up after such a long time. He requested that I put up a quick guide on what to do when one lands in Dubai. The ideal time… Continue reading »


And we are No.1

Not justified? Why should anyone justify – ICC put a ranking system in place 8 years back agreeable to all test playing nations and we passed through that system to gain the top spot. So all those who are shouting hoarse as to how India does not deserve to be at the top, please shout… Continue reading »


The Mad- Man of Indian Cricket

Sehwag is a phenomenon of his own kind. There was none and there will be none. When he stepped onto the scene comparisons were often drawn between him and the God. He sometimes plays shots similar to Sachin and has still maintained that brazenness and rebellious streak of the Sachin we saw in 90s; but… Continue reading »