Rain Romance

It is raining in the desert land.Dubai generally gets a week of rainfall every December but last year it had also poured in April. This year the rains have set in and today was the day when this place received it’s heaviest rainfalls.

Needless to say the entire city was in a mess. Roads flooded, numerous traffic jams, and accidents. Dubai is not equipped to handle such rains and a little heavy shower can put the city in complete disarray.

But I love this weather – water all around , time for a nice walk in the rains, hot cup of tea with some onion pakoras! This weather takes me back to Mumbai’s monsoon.

I was ruing being in office today and updated my status message on FB and here is the little surprise I received from MDH in response to it in Marathi:

“Nako priye Ashi tu udaas hou,
( My love do not be so sad)
Sangatine Yaa pavsaat ole chimb hou,
(Let’s get wet together in this rain)
Kadhi kaandaa bhaji tar Kadhi vada paav khau,
(Sometimes let’s eat onion pakora, or sometimes vada paav)
Dubaichyaa Yaa pavsaat aapan harvun Jau”
(Let’s get lost in this Dubai Rain)
Don’t go by the English translation, the original Marathi one had me go all Ga-Ga over him again:-)


Meri Maa Teri Hain Mere Paa


The 3 Idiots in Us…


  1. Solilo

    Came here to wish you a Happy New Year in advance. 🙂

  2. Minal

    @vivek: dude he is the romantic one – i'm the boring one:-)) will share many more such gems later!

  3. Vivek Rao


    I find it so difficult to visualise sango as a romantic… All he used to do was glare at my batch all the time! 🙂

    I'm a big fan of the mumbai monsoons yaar. Had put up a post (one of my favs) on this on my blog; chk it out…


  4. Minal

    @starry: Little things bring us much joy and pain. Sigh! And isn't it amazing – our memory – the mind stores some amazing stuff forever doesn't it!

    @Nita :it does a week or so. Drizzles actually but last year it rained like crazy in March for almost 2 weeks! And yest they came crashing down for first time! Wow I enjoyed it!

  5. Nita

    I didn't know it rained at all in Dubai, I mean not significantly. It doesn't rain like that in the Thar desert as far as I know.

  6. starry eyed

    In Kuwait, during my childhood, I used to wait for the winter rains, because a little grass would grow in the field opposite our apartment! And then feel really bad when it died once the desert got dry again.

    Enjoy the rains!!

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