Since I started the best of the decade series, instead of running a long year end post; I’d thought I’d do the decade wrap up – not only the best but the worst as well!

Entered the personal 20s decade.
Lost my favourite cousin brother – all of 25 to blood cancer .
Graduated in Engineering – Confused like Hell.
The terrorists struck the Twin towers, the IT recession struck us new grads.
Had my first tryst with cricket writing – articles published on

Started the new job, fell in love with Mangalore and just when the relationship was blossoming – got hit with the MBA admit. Packed my bags and came back to my first love – Mumbai.
Further confusion as the year went by – met weirdos, realized who the true friends are, realized how mean people can be! Realised how badly I miss my best friends, all absconding in the US of A.

Dealt with the death of my father’s 2 dear brothers, both father figures for me – felt orphaned again.
The impossible happened – fell in love! Yeah with the most amazing guy I’ve known.

MBA with top honours, Engagement, Placements, New job, Harsha Ki Khoj, Marriage – it was a crazy year! Never thought in my wildest dreams that I would meet Wasim Akram face-to-face and fetch a compliment from him – Complete Drool!!! Still drool over the experience of those 2 days at the competition. Never imagined that I’d be the first to wed among my school gang! Yeah miracles happen – 2004 proved that for me!

First year of marriage is the toughest; add to it that MDH moved to Dubai and then confusion set in, that lasted into the next year. Started this blog, wrote religiously for a year then laziness set in!

Half of the next year went in a terrible illness and the next half in doing something I never wanted to – move abroad! Ignored the blog completely. Sat home for 5 months doing nothing,literally; till the new job commenced
Aaji made it a memorable year when she came to Dubai – her first trip abroad at the age of 80.

MDH gave me the best surprise ever – finally visited my sis in the UK, one my best trips! Did amazingly well at work – met my soul sisters here in Dubai.

My Big Baby arrived – yeah my first car, my very first SUV! I love Dubai for these things! Moved roles – made the much awaited Ganapati trip to my village with family – decked up like a bride again for the ceremonies
Celebrated the best anniversary till date – MDH made it special with all the surprises planned in the day – fell in love again!
Became an aunt – the girl I knew since we were 3 delivered a baby boy! Freaked me out – I cried with joy when I saw the little one hum a lullaby with his dad! Two more school friends became moms – all boys, WANTED – A GIRL in the NEXT GEN.
4 close engineering friends had kids – all adorable.
Perils of living all over the world – not met any of those 7 brats yet – they are all 1 year olds now!

Last year of the decade was a tough one – saw the worst. Saw my friends fight for justice and glad they finally won – glad I never left their side, glad my faith and trust remained unshaken. Saw my mom being orphaned – Aaji passed away suddenly – it is a loss I have not yet recovered from. But with everything that God takes away from you, he gifts you something new – have patience, will tell you.
Got back to blogging – about cricket, it is blissful; it helps me so much I cannot tell. I can feel the passion back, often wonder what made me ignore it for the last 3 years!
My best friend of engineering days had a baby boy. Held the little one in my hands – got emotional all over again. The hormones are not helping my case!
When you have not had a child yet; realised that you can get away with excuses when girls of your age become moms but there is no excuse when the guys your age become dads, especially when mom knows them well! Damn!
Achieved a milestone – 5 years of marriage,half a decade through! Phew! Yeah no kids still. WHEN? – The frequency of being asked this question in my life only multiplies by the double as the years pass by!
Don’t ask me please! I do not know!

Missed papa every single day, ever single moment; in the decade that his little daughter became a woman.

During this decade, discovered that time and distance has got nothing to do with being the best of friends. Mumbai, Mangalore, Bangalore and Dubai have given me friends I’ll cherish for the rest of my life!
Friends from decades ago – school, grad school, first job and MBA still remain the best! Nothing has changed – the friendship has only got stronger!

It marks the end of the 20s for me – Sob!Sob!Sob! The 30s set in one and a half month from now. Troubled all my friends who achieved this milestone in the last year – now it’s my turn. Trifle sad but looking forward for a new beginning!

Some more good news await – will share it in the months to come;-)

So until then wishing you all a very happy new year and have a great year and decade ahead!