55er: Start to the New Year-Decade

Confusion, dealing with needlessly egoistic relatives, tolerance levels giving away, realizing which people really matter, determination to pursue a passion ignored for long, pending blogposts , renewed faith in justice, inability to cope up with dimwits, missing close friends who moved to India, loving every bit of having mom and in-laws at home in Dubai!
P.S: Go ahead tell me about yours but in 55 words only!


  1. Minal says:


  2. Minal says:

    @tugga: long story! It was a tough year for me last year. Hoped things would improve but some people have to F*&# up as always. Dunno why they think so high of themselves and are so full of themselves, they make me wanna puke! I'm sick of having to deal with such ppl.
    And also cause you still haven't called !

  3. Tugga says:

    Hey why you so riled up?//

  4. Minal says:

    @Jaydeep: I know but I think people have taken my silence for granted and have tested my patience. Now no more ! Will take a break – coming in March!

  5. Jaydeep says:

    Minu…..take it easy….take a break….come to mumbai. lets meet up. take care.

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