Mumma is here since 2 months and will return to Mumbai on Saturday. In her last three trips to my house, no not house, let’s focus – my kitchen, in Dubai; she has had one complaint that my food processor does not grind dry spices/mixtures.

I make do with a mini-chopper which grinds it coarse and not fine. However mumma-the perfectionist, refuses to accept that coarse mixture. From the day she has landed, her only aim has been to find me a mixer that is similar to the one we get in India a-la Sumeet type.

The region known for famous brands in electronics and home ware appliances does not seem to have the kind of mixer she wants. So finally after a month of hunting, we came close to buying a Kenwood one which resembled the one she had in mind.

It was taken,brought home and inaugurated. Much to her chagrin the arrangement of the blade and the grinding vessel was exactly reverse to the one she had in mind.

So now it has been a further one month and she has still not stopped complaining. Her sole aim remains to buy me a one that can grind dry spices/mixtures. Well I’ve not given up either – trying to convince her that she comes here for 2 months in year and it’s fine not to have those kind of curries done, I manage to survive with my arrangement.

An Aquarian and  a Capricorn are at loggerheads over a mixer and people wonder why I’m stubborn! Well now you know – it is in the genes – it is hereditary! So all of you, who know me – stop complaining – the stubbornness  is not going away even if I try!