Happy Republic day to all. The post comes late in the day cause I was at work. When you are abroad, one of the perils is being at work on Independence Day and Republic Day. Missed the parade again. I remember running from school after the flag hoisting ceremony to catch the parade live.

However, luckily got to attend a short but lovely ceremony at DIFC, Dubai. SBI Dubai organized the program for all.  While we sang the National Anthem along with the clipping below; as always my heart swelled with pride, got goose bumps and felt a tear in my eye.

India is special undoubtedly, and it pinches me real hard to be staying away from her. My mother, my beloved country. Saluting her indomitable spirit and leaving you all with two of my favourite renditions of our national anthem.

Jai Hind

Video 1 : Rendered by India’s finest vocalists.

Video 2 : Rendered by India’s musical geniuses.