And God rewrites the record books – 200*

People often wonder why I address this man as GOD. He has given me many reasons to do so – and today was another one of them. I almost cursed Dhoni for the first time in my life when he did not give Sachin strike in the 49th over and then threw kisses when he… Continue reading »


In 30 different ways, He said I LOVE YOU

This post was picked for Blogadda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks I’m not a romanticist – that is MDH’s domain. He more than makes up for my shortcomings. Last Friday was my 30th birthday and it was Mahashivratri so I was fasting. Add to it that he had his major office event; so it was next to… Continue reading »


The Love Affair Continues…

Between VVS Laxman and Eden, between VVS Laxman and us fans. I’ve been a huge fan of the Fab Four – The God, The Wall, The Prince and The Very Very Special Man. And now add the brave openers Gambhir and Sehwag. If the Prince was still around the batting line-up would be perfect –… Continue reading »


Another one to the list…

Another incident that will join the millions awaiting justice Another attack where the attackers will never be found Another attack to be forgotten Another story for the media to scan, analyze and televise for a scoop or breaking news Yeah, too small a thing to focus on. We have much more bigger issues such as… Continue reading »


Ind-SA First Test Post-Mortem – Twitter Style

Selectors Goof-Up #Fail Old war horse Kallis’s century  and Amla’s double hundred #Pass Non-performance of Indian bowlers #Fail Lack of support to Zaheer #Fail Fielding a 3rd string batting line-up against one of the best pacemen in the world #Fail Lack of runs from an experienced opening duo #Fail Sehwag-Badri batting in first innings #Pass… Continue reading »


You know you are entering your 30s decade when….

 This post was selected for BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 13, ‘10 Teenagers you meet are confused whether to call you Didi or Aunty Every person you meet wonders why you are not married yet Every family member has only one question when you meet them after marriage,“When are we getting the good news”… Continue reading »


Battlefield Nagpur

The series is being touted as the Championship series where the current No.1 and No. 2 test sides in the world will be at their wits end to conquer each other. However, both the sides are entering the series with their own share of troubles. India taking field without Dravid against a team with a… Continue reading »


The secret behind Calvin and Granger Gab…

Solilo brought up this interesting topic and it inspired me to get the rust off my blog that has been quiet for 7 days. My offline life has been too busy hence no blogging. In these busy times I’ve realised the importance of Twitter. So here goes the secret behind my online identity i.e. my… Continue reading »