You know you are entering your 30s decade when….

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  • Teenagers you meet are confused whether to call you Didi or Aunty
  • Every person you meet wonders why you are not married yet
  • Every family member has only one question when you meet them after marriage,“When are we getting the good news”
  • You look at all your friends who are parents and wonder if you’ve passed your age of becoming a parent
  • You cannot fathom how school kids these days join “I hate XYZ teacher groups on Facebook”, and dare to abuse the teachers publicly! Whatever happened to “Guru Sakshat Parambrahma”(Teacher is also a form of Lord himself) that you were taught when in school
  • You are the one person most sought after by your nieces and nephews for advice rather than their parents
  • Your nieces become your fashion consultants
  • You begin to detest your mirror cause it keeps showing the grey strands in your hair which multiply by the million every day
  • You are one of the people responsible for duties on family occasions and no longer the one helping out
  • You begin to prefer quiet nights at home vis-à-vis dinners/parties outside
  • You begin to re-assess your life and what can be done next
  • You wonder how most members in the Indian cricket team are younger to you
  • You begin worrying with the news of retirement of your favourite sports players – the ones who you grew up watching
  • You realize you have weight issues and wonder where did everyone disappear who told you that you were skinny and thin
  • You wish you had today’s wisdom to make the career choices yesterday
  • You struggle juggling the mobile, blackberry, laptop, netbook, PS3 and the known techie gadgets while your 7-year old nephew whizzes past them in a jiffy as if he has been handling them for years
  • You avoid adding your aunts or friends’ parents on your FB list not realizing the kids are doing the same to you since you are a friend/relative of their parents
  • You find it odd that kids these days spend their play hours watching TV or playing video games while all you did when you were a kid was avoid entering the house until absolutely necessary
  • You are surprised that the expletives you learnt when you were 18 are mouthed off by kids one-third your age
  • You realize you still have a lot of things to achieve that you had planned to by the time you would be 30
  • You start listing realization lists such as these and expect people to acknowledge the same
  • You finally accept you are getting old and decide that instead of brooding you are going to welcome this inevitable change in your life with a blast!


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  1. Lazy Pineapple

    hehhe…what a fabulous list…and so much I identify with…

    Kids these days are so cheeky and pesky…I wonder if people thought of us the same way when we were younger.

  2. Gyanban

    a young kid asks ' uncle what's the time ?'

    I look back to see there's no one.

  3. Minal

    @PNA : You did not dear. The bday is tom 12th Feb! Would be tied up as it is weekend here hence the post pre-bday:-))) Thanks for the lovely wishes!

    @Starry: You too did not miss my bday!It's on 12th;-) Thansk for the lovely wishes and yeah need to make the most of the remaining pre-good news years;-))

  4. starry eyed

    Was it your birthday? I know you're Aquarian! Wishing you belatedly or in advance, anyway 🙂 Found your FB observations so true, LOL! Enjoy your last remaining pre-goodnews years 😀

  5. PNA

    Did I miss ur Birthday Girl! Tell me fast I was just calculating the 3.5 weeks and ended up at 13 or 14 Feb…

    Here's wishing u a wonderful day and a year ahead…
    Belated wishes for a birthday gone a few days back
    and Advanced birthday wishes for the day to come to blow the candles on the cake

    U like Chocolate? me loves it, and had a rich choco one for mine:P …

    hugs Minal

  6. Minal

    @Swata: Hey that's ur first comment on my blog ever!!!!! I'm honoured!!! Yeah now I get Rinku Didi's logic!;-)

  7. swati

    I love #s 1, 2, 3 and 13…though i don't know about prefering nights in than out 😉
    Allin all, very well put and I now understand why rinku did made us call her didi not aunty!!

  8. Minal

    @Swapna: Seriously I'm not a gadget freak so I'm lost most times! :-)Thanks for the wishes

    @Pringpong: Yeah finally now we can condone ppl younger to us and not be at the receiving end:-) some pros some cons!;-)

  9. pringpong

    well said! you struck all the right chords there:) remember the early 20s when we were too cool to imagine ourselves ever crossing into the big 3 we are officially in that section of people who can say 'tch tch kids these days… youth is wasted on the young etc etc!'

  10. Anonymous

    Can't tell u how much I can relate with ur 2nd point! And struggle juggling the mobile laptop, blackberry , netbook now this is too much.. Minal I am sure u aren't that bad lolzzz
    All the best lady, may u rock even greater in ur 30s!!! Advances Wishes..

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