Another one to the list…

  • Another incident that will join the millions awaiting justice
  • Another attack where the attackers will never be found
  • Another attack to be forgotten
  • Another story for the media to scan, analyze and televise for a scoop or breaking news

Yeah, too small a thing to focus on. We have much more bigger issues such as to ensure MNIK releases as planned, have the entire Mumbai force including SRPF up in arms to protect SRK, Kjo and gang, SS and MNS’s need to fight for the pride of the Marathi Manoos, go ahead with our peace talks with our neighbour, reason out the exclusion of Pakistani players from IPL, far far more important issues on hand compared to finding ways to eradicate or reduce terror activities in the country.

Terror attacks are now a common thing – 26/11 has been forgotten. How bad is our memory that we live only in the present.

You have full rights to ask me what am I doing about it , sitting away from the country. I’m not entitled to crib –I’ve lost the right to. I’m abroad, I do not caste my vote , I don’t come out on the streets to join hands in silent protests or light candles for the victims. Yes, when you say I should shut up, I won’t argue with you. But I’ve the right to cry and that is all I can do today.

Pune is my second home. It is the place where I spent my vacations and freaked out on its streets on our bikes. I felt safe, even more safe than I felt in Mumbai. It is home to my favourite aunts and best friends. So when it is hurt, the heart breaks and all I can do now is cry.

So I hope the terrorists can someday tell me which of my favourite cities and places are on their agenda next – Mangalore, Bangalore, Goa, Munnar, Kumarakoram? Please tell me, so that I’m mentally prepared to bear the grief you sick people give me every time. I’ve lost my loved ones so I think I’m tough enough to handle anything; but no, I fall apart every time you terrorise my loved ones – my country and its people. Laughing aren’t you, enjoying the fun? Yeah go have some more. Wonder when you will be satisfied, when you have eradicated each one of us?

But hopefully someday I will change that. Yes I intend to do my bit, maybe miniscule, maybe small, even inconsequential in the long run but I will do my bit. Tell me have you, who has chanced upon this blog, have you thought about what you will do?


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  1. Minal

    @Gaurav: It is isn't it:-(((

    @Vineeta: I relate – that helplessness feeling is the worst!

    @Starry: Atleast you can do your bit. keep trying – I think somewhere we will get the results!

  2. starry eyed

    Vote better people into power? People who truly care and not those who beat up on women, love, freedom of speech and religion. That's my only tool now.

    I was reminiscing about my Pune days…it's on my much-loved cities list too.

  3. Vineeta

    I seriously dont have anything to comment.. as u said.. its a feeling which makes u cry for every such incident..How much I wish I could do smthing about it!!

  4. Gaurav Kant Goel

    Is peace really so difficult?" 🙁

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