In 30 different ways, He said I LOVE YOU

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I’m not a romanticist – that is MDH’s domain. He more than makes up for my shortcomings. Last Friday was my 30th birthday and it was Mahashivratri so I was fasting. Add to it that he had his major office event; so it was next to impossible for him to arrange anything for me. Hence,we postponed all celebrations to the next i.e this week.

MDH is known for his innovative surprises – I’ve not heard of similar ones from the numerous couples I know. My guy friends hate him cause their wives pester them after hearing my stories. 7 years since we started dating and 5 years of marriage – I wondered what this guy would do this time. So here goes the story. It’s a long long post – but this time I’ll be quiet and let the pictures do all the talking.

I was packed off to a surprise ride in a Limousine with 3 of my best friends here. When I returned home with them – the door opened to this! A rhyming clue preceded each gift.

The house is all set with my 30 gifts:

The clues and the gifts begin:

DSC00844DSC01041 black_limo

  • No.1: Personalized leather wallet
  • No.2: Our new LCD
  • No.3: 2-hour ride in black Cadillac limousine with my terrific girl gang in Dubai – 4 of us

  • No.4: My favourite chocolate – Cadbury Dairy Milk which he got on our every single date

  • No.5: Mobile cover – Cause I seem to lose this all the time

  • No.6: A snap of me with my girl gang in Dubai – They are my soul sisters and we 4 rock!

  • No.7: Junk/Imitation jewellery

  • No.8: Tome and Jerry CDs – I love these two 🙂


  • No.9: 5-star mini-bar yummmmmmm

  • No.10: Gems – minis M&Ms – fills up my empty stomach anytime;-)

  • No.11: Fridge magnets with funny/sarcastic sayings – Both my refrigerators are loaded with them, yet I need more;-)

  • No.12: Doritos chips – my weak point.

  • No.13: My latest craze – eye-liner pencils

  • No.14: The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes – Need I say more?

  • No.15: Office desk supplies – to keep myself organized

  • No.16: About 200 odd articles of Harsha Bhogle & Peter Roebuck – Special thanks to our dear friend RS who took the pains to compile them!

  • No.17: A frame that tells the meaning of both our names and our personalities

  • No.18: This a bit unbelievable still not recovered – a star registered with my name in the Libra Constellation in the sky forever!

  • No.19: My addiction – Bejeweled 2 – He bought me the deluxe version and is loaded on my comp!

  • No.20: A 3-d snap of us two etched in a glass piece – for eternity

  • No.21: Saree – I think is the most beautiful piece of clothing ever designed. My friend’s AM’s fine taste helped.

  • No.22: Salwar suits: The next best;-) Again AM helping MDH – she is too good.

  • No.23: My Panda: After my tiger Jenny:-)

  • No.24: An addition to my cricket collection – ‘The One Who Will’ Biography of one of my favourite players Steve ‘Tugga’ Waugh. I know someone who will be jealous for this gift alone!


  • No.25: A DVD writer to go with my swank new HP mini

  • No.27: My favourite TV cricket series – The DVD of BODYLINE

  • No.28: Handmade greeting card. My school friend AJ gave me one every year; until she moved to USA. I was craving for one in this world of e-cards – and he did one for me 🙂

  • No.29: Is my small dream – thinking about it and it will happen sooner than later . Need to get the name right!

  • No.30: A Solitaire ring and pendant – this one was the biggest surprise!

So you do understand that I’m at a loss for words. The preparation, the planning, getting my friends involved – I’m stunned, absolutely stunned at how much someone can love. And also feel blessed for being surrounded by such lovely people – all our friends who helped MDH to make this special – they live in Dubai and all around the world. I cannot thank them enough. DV, DK, AM, RS, DD, SK, RK – special thanks to you all!

This has been my best birthday ever – talk about welcoming the 30s with a bang!

P.S: If you need help to surprise your spouses – drop in a line and I’ll get MDH to consult. He will not disappoint!


The Love Affair Continues…


And God rewrites the record books – 200*


  1. Minal how did I miss this post?! That is one beautiful birthday surprise from your husband!! You did a great job of documenting it too. 😀

  2. Shankari


    I came here from starry's blog! You have had such a stupendous birthday! And your husband just plain rocks! I cannot even imagine any guy going through so much trouble! Keep him safe and locked 🙂

    Don't mind my gushing, I just got carried away by the trouble he has taken.

    Ciao, Shankari

  3. Shankari


    I came here from starry's blog! You have had such a stupendous birthday! And your husband just plain rocks! I cannot even imagine any guy going through so much trouble! Keep him safe and locked 🙂

    Don't mind my gushing, I just got carried away by the trouble he has taken.

    Ciao, Shankari

  4. starry eyed

    Hey, your MDH inspired me to celebrate my SH's birthday…thanks!

  5. MindfulMeanderer

    Dropped in from starry's .. Wow! wow! n wow!!! my 30th birthday is coming up .. n i'll sneak ur post to my hubby! 🙂 I'd be happy if he'd do even a 1/0th of these things 🙂
    Hugss to u.. u are such a loving couple n I wish the very best for u.

  6. mitali

    oh my god.. jij floors me every single time… u are very lucky minu… and jijs u are an awesome husband!!! love u both loads

  7. mindspace

    🙂 i am just wondering why all guys by the name amit are not the same 😉

    30th is a year ahead for me.. lemme send him the link to this post for pointers :p

    wish you many happy returns of the day girl (belated though)
    I know this would have made your day.
    got here thru blogadda, i guess.

    n hi-5 from another dubai-ite.

  8. Minal

    @Susan: Thanks for the lovely words! He is a Cusp of Capri and Saggi:-)
    Yes he has an amazing creative mind and manages to surprise me every single year – but this one takes the cake!

    @Mohana:I'm probably residing in the libra constellation whereby my star stands;-)))

    @Maddie: Thanks for dropping by and thank you for the lovely words!

  9. Maddie

    Chanced upon your blog and totally loved it. Your husband is amazing. Bless him and you! keep writing it has a feel good factor.

  10. mohana

    OOOOO…..MMMMM ……GGGGG!!!!!
    Amit yeh sab kahan se seekh ke aaye ho yaar???? u leave people spellbound ……minal must be on which cloud dunno…..
    simply marvellous

  11. Susan Deborah


    Came over from Ashes. Was bowled seeing all the gifts. He must be a charming Libran!!! I wish you the best always. I am imagining your 100th birthday. It will be one long post . . .

    I wish there were more clones of the characteristics of the man you are talking about (sigh sigh). I wish both of you the best.

    Joy and love,

  12. Minal

    @Solilo: Will have to do that! My nieces already perstering me to find one for them just like him!

    @Sands: Will tell him! And thanks for the wishes!

    @Starry: See that is the whole point! I did not catch him – he caught him! Now talk about luck:-)LOL. He has been up for this task for over a month!
    I saw the tag and wanted to take it up but just that I'm having a hectic time at work and have fallen ill as well:-( Will still try tomorrow!

    @Indyeah:Yeah me went awwwwwwwwwwww too:-)))Thanks for the wishes!

    @Kavya: Yes it was – me a bit too overwhelmed!:-)

  13. Kavya

    wow.. so romantic.. Too good..

    Happy Birthday.

  14. Indyeah

    awww and more aww is all I can say 🙂
    that was really something!!!

    God bless you both:)
    Happy 30th birthday!:)

  15. starry eyed

    And belated wishes for your 30th birthday…am so glad it was such a special one!

  16. starry eyed

    OMG, where did you find this man?! I loved the constellation star named after you and the hieroglyphs. How long did he work to get all this done?!!!

    Have tagged you to participate in the Women's Day contest (last day Feb 25th), hope you can.

  17. Sands

    wow!! That is just totally impressive. A big kudos to him 🙂 Enjoy your thirties and wishing you a belated but lovely b'day!!

  18. Solilo

    Minal, Hide him because he is cloneworthy. Hahaha

    Now you make everyone J. That was just awesome.

    What a way to make you feel special on your special day. Welcome to the 30s.

  19. Minal

    @IHM: Thanks for the lovely words again! It's a blessing to have such lovely ppl around!

    @D: :-)) sure send him along or better ask him to mail my hubby:-))
    When is it btw?

    @Hitchwriter – The book is One Who Will – Biography. I have Out of My Comfort Zone as well:-) Are u jealous even more now:-))) Thanks for the wishes!

  20. hitch writer

    OMG !!!!!! now you are one lucky girl !!!!! touchwood !!!!!!!! that was an awesome birthday you had… and yes… Happy Birthday !!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    I too was jealous about that book btw… !!!!!!! 😛 😛 Outof my comfort zone.. !!!!!!! that dvd series !!!!!!!! that cadbury… !!!!!! woman I need to let my wife read this post !!!!!!!! I am GREEDY !!!!!

  21. D

    You're one lucky gal! And that is some birthday!

    I'm sending my husband here for some clues on what to do for my 30th b-day! 🙂

  22. indianhomemaker

    Awww… the amount of planning that went into this is amazing! Belated birthday wishes to you Minal! It's wonderful to be surrounded by such terrific people… I hope you guys continue to fill each others lives with happiness and surprises in the coming years.

  23. Minal

    @Jaydeep: Thanks 🙂

  24. Jaydeep B

    Minu – I cant believe this, amit has done a great job, i am proud of him and very happy for you yaar. Cheers to both of you.

    Amit – tussi great ho yaar.

  25. Minal

    @Sachin: Thanks for the lovely words
    @Bhakti: I'm lucky I dunno about him cause I'm not romantic at all:(
    @AJ: Yeah I know can't beat for next 30 years!
    @Poonam: Aga I can't even get the credit there – he proposed remember, I was not even aware he liked me!
    @Suad: Thanks suad!
    @Vineeta : Thanks!
    @Rasika: Btw RK was you! He got that star idea when he was talking to you! Not 12 years -actually meant to say 7 years since we started dating and 5 years since we got married!

  26. Rasika

    wah wah! now ur rhyming too!! I guess after 30 of those lines and 12 years of togetherness u've mastered the art too!! (unless its the other way ;))
    …like i always feel, just knowing that a person loves u is not always enough, sometimes u need to see it and U surely got to see it!!
    Belated Happy Bday! I am sure u had a great one!

  27. Vineeta

    Oh my my!!! First belated bday wishes 🙂 And second.. I do not have words here 😛 Just can say.. Simply Super duper plan and execution 🙂

  28. Suad Merchant

    God Bless you both 🙂

  29. poonamtalkies

    Hats off to you Amit!!! How do you come up with such ideas!!


    Minal, I can't just praise Amit without saying something to you. Good catch I must say!! 😉

  30. Average Jane

    Super-duper! This one will be hard to beat. 🙂

  31. Bhakti

    WOW Minal… I am jealous 🙁 just kidding!!!!

    You are very lucky to have Amit and your dear friends… very few in this world are blessed with "ROMANTIC" life partners..that does make your life so much more enjoyable. God bless you with so more and more love always. Happy 30th Birthday!!!

  32. imsac.22

    Hi Minal

    I think this was amazing..

    Me and my wife were really excited to read this…we can understand ur feelings…

    Amit ..a great job dude..which you both will remember forever..

    Sachin ( Amit's frnd)

  33. Minal

    Swapna: Thanks for the help on the bodyline series;-)

  34. Minal

    Swapna: I dunno if I deserve so much! guess he deserves a lot more – but every year he does something special – he has just given me so many lovely moments to cherish!

  35. Anonymous

    Oh gosh!!! This is simply super romantic .. Now I know all those hindi romantic movies aren't exaggerated.. This is beyond that.. Lovely Amit!!! God bless u both!!From whatever I have known u thru blogs & fb, honestly Minal u deserve every bit of it.. U r terrific!

  36. Minal

    @Pagpri: Babes u r bang on:-))

  37. pagpri

    Amit is super brilliant and a star himself….

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